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Must Hoop : Bayern Basketball Park

The Bayern Basketball Park (powered by FC Bayern Basketball) is our latest “Must Hoop” court. The new facility in München, Germany is located in the Cultural Centre Sugar Mountain. It’s built on the grounds of a former concrete factory, and the two colorful and vibrant full courts inaugarated in July have already hosted its first tournament and is now open for pick-up games for all 24/7.

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Must Hoop: Laguna Beach Basketball Courts on Main Beach

If you go to the Laguna Beach website, it cites the beach as being famous for “Beautiful people having a beautiful time in a beautiful setting.” For one late morning in March, 2021, I can say THIS not so beautiful person paid a visit to this classic location and wasn’t disappointed.

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Must Hoop: Smart Court Tivoli by Goran Dragic

Goran Dragić, the captain of the golden Slovenian national team from the FIBA European Championship 2017 in Turkey, where he was the MVP of the championship, is a special player, and he is proving it off the court too. Under his vision, there is now a “smart court” in Tivoli, Slovenia… and more to come!

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