Hong Kong’s Top 5 Basketball Courts

Hong Kong is a vibrant and compact city, boasting over 450 public basketball courts for enthusiasts, not including in school facilities, with over 540 in primary schools, 400 in secondary schools, and indoor courts in 20 public sport centres.  However, securing a spot during peak hours, particularly after 7 pm on weekdays or on weekends, can be challenging. Fortunately, alternative courts are usually just a 5 to 10-minute walk away.

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Must Hoop : Free Basket in Indiana

Indianapolis is home to a very interesting art installation outside of Newfields Art Museum on the northside of Indianapolis. The public installation was created in 2010 by Los Carpinteros, a Cuban art collective, that is titled “Free Basket”. And while this might not fit perfectly into our “Must Hoop” series, it is definitely a must visit!

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Must Hoop : Cameron House’s Upper Deck Court

You have seen this basketball court in movies and commercials, and this secretive and private court in the Chinatown part of downtown San Francisco is a must hoop… if you can get on it. The fortunate players that have had played here have received permission or have been among the families that have received support from the Cameron House, that has been empowering the San Francisco Chinese community since 1874. Youth sports started at the center in the 1940s and then lifted court was added in the 1970s.

Photo of the Upper Deck Court (promo picture from cameronhouse.org)
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