The Colourful Basketball Courts of Lisbon, Portugal

Planning a trip to Portugal’s capital? Pack your most colourful kicks because it’s likely you’ll hoop on a work of art. Here is a little background on the good folks making these great environments and our top 3 favourite colourful courts in Lisbon:

The vibrant basketball courts of Lisbon
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Must Hoop : Free Basket in Indiana

Indianapolis is home to a very interesting art installation outside of Newfields Art Museum on the northside of Indianapolis. The public installation was created in 2010 by Los Carpinteros, a Cuban art collective, that is titled “Free Basket”. And while this might not fit perfectly into our “Must Hoop” series, it is definitely a must visit!

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Celebrating 40,000 Courts with FIBA

Since 2007, Courts of the World and all its users have been adding courts to the global basketball court map. Last week, the FIBA Endorsed Basketball Court Finder achieved the milestone of 40,000 courts!

To mark the occasion, owner Ryan O’Leary and Head of FIBA’s Equipment & Venue Centre, Bart Prinssen, visited the Patrick Baumann Playground in Mies, Switzerland, near the FIBA’s global headquarters.

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