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Must Hoop : Titan Love Court in Manila, Philippines

Growing up as a kid loving the game of basketball, I got well acquainted with outdoor courts. Where I’m from, and many other places around the world, the playing courts are known as the locations for competitive competitions to take place. These competitions can mean and translate to much more than just a simple basketball game. They create a place for community and friendships, as well as present struggles such as adversity and hardships, that help build both physical and mental toughness. I have learned many great qualities from growing up on outdoor courts that still apply to my game today. And there are thousands of NBA players that also have the same testament.

Now, I have grown up and I’m currently playing professional basketball which has enabled me to travel around the world and see many different basketball courts and arenas.

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Coaching Amidst Global Pandemic

In this time of lockdowns and social distancing due to COVID-19, it has caused unprecedented change. While work and school have been shut down and moved to at-home, it has also impacted basketball players and coaches. Courts of the World talks to college coach Ryan Ansel about dealing with the abrupt end of his season and transitioning to online coaching.

Ansel Coaching In Person Before the Pandemic
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The 10 Most Unique Basketball Courts in the World

There are basketball courts everywhere. At Courts of the World, we have already put over 35,000 on our map. Most streetball courts resemble each other. They have similar surfaces, similar hoops, and are in similar locations. Then, there are those that just don’t fit the norm. Something makes them incredibly unique. Here’s a look at 10 such courts from around the world.

3D Basketball Court, Munich, Germany

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Hello Instagram

We have started our own Instagram page. Find us at @basketballcourtsworld for some of the best basketball court shots around. Tag us to be featured or slide us a dm. We will be integrating and highlighting many of our most popular photos and video posted to the .com.

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