My Top 35 Basketball Courts

I’ve visited over 800 courts in recent travels to Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Finland, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Sweden, Switzerland, USA & the Caribbean, and Serbia. Using the Courts of the World map, I’ve checked out the popular hot spots in each city to see what each one has to offer hoopers.

Based on uniqueness, pick-up game levels, popularity, flooring, memorability, setting, hoops, and overall vibe, here are my top 35!

35. Monsanto

A real hidden gem in Monsanto Park is this unique basketball court next to a walking path in LisbonPortugal. While it’s not great to play on, it’s a cool place to shoot that even sits right next to a rock-climbing wall.

34. Veemarkt

Dribbling on stone is not ideal, but this court in AntwerpBelgium sits right below the towering Sint-Pauluskerk, making it a memorable downtown spot to hoop.

33. Magnolia Park

This multi-colored court in Redding, California has nice baskets and a friendly court. In the heat of the summer, this is the place to hoop!

32. Ghetto Games

This venue has been the site of years and years of 3X3 tournaments and big basketball events. In Grīziņkalns Park in RigaLatvia this provides the youth a free place to play hoops and even lift weights for free.

31. Stade De Vidy

Any time you can shoot hoops on a multi-colored court with a view of Lake Geneva, then it’s must vist. Check out this court in LausanneSwitzerland.

30. Saint Eriks Gymnasium

When you want to hoop outside in StockholmSweden outside of the winter time, there is no better place for pick-up games with an international group of players.

29. Palisades Park

While some courts you love for the constant pick-up games, you will love this court in Shell Beach, California for quiet place to shoot with unforgettable sunset views of the Pacific Ocean. Don’t miss this court when you are traveling between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

28. Mission Dolores Park

When in San Francisco visit Dolores Park and this court and hoop with city locals.

27. Hietaranta Beach Court

While there are several hoops with water views of the Seurasaarenselkä water, this full court is my favorite in HelsinkiFinland.

26. Laguna Beach Courts

You might just see the Professor crossing-up some challenging hoopers at this Laguna Beach hoop. Not too many courts are this close to the Pacific Ocean.

25. Erzsébet tér

When you are in downtown BudapestHungary, you might not expect to see a full court, but just steps away from pricey hotels and fashion stores, there is a memorable court right underneath the square’s ferris wheel!

24. Chicano Park

You don’t have to drive to take the short drive to from San Diego to Mexico to feel like you are there. Just go to this court with graffiti, taco stands, and shops nearby to feel the Chicano vibe. Nice court, too!

23. Patrick Baumann Playground

A little hidden gem in MiesSwitzerland that pays tribute to the late FIBA Secretary General who supported the growth of 3×3 basketball. A real peaceful top to ball.

22. Estrada do Penedo

From the top of Parque Florestal de Monsanto in LisbonPortugal is this court floating above the city. With views into the Taugus make this a nice court to shoot on.

21. Mission Beach

A little slippery with the sand so close and on the court, but for a day out with the family to sit by the beach and get in hoops at any time, don’t miss the court at the end of Mission Beach, one of the finest in San Diego.

20 Lincoln Park

A surprise to find a new court right in front of the Long Beach Public Library. Kids playing at all hours under the bright lights of downtown Long Beach.

19. Lionel Roberts Court

In the U.S. Virgin Islands you will find this popular court. Local players are out here hooping and always excited to welcome visitors.

18. Nørre Søgade Playground

The positive vibes of the playground with graffiti surrounding this popular Copenhagen destination make this a must visit in Denmark if you want to get in on a pick-up game.

17. Southview Park

This is the one court me and my hooping family keep coming back to. In the beautiful city of Sausalito is this secret gem with views of San Francisco! As a bonus, you can lower this hoop for some dunks if you need.

16. Panhandle

Not too far from the legendary Haight and Ashbury lies this court honoring Nate Thurmond in San Francisco. High level of play on these two courts with pick-up games all the time.

15. Stade George Carpentier

A legendary hotspot in Paris with games of all levels going on France. The diversity of play and the full 3 courts allow you to shoot in peace or get in on a game.

14. Bluff Park

No better way to live the California hoopers dream than this Long Beach court on the beach. Full court games on one, and another half court game for shots make this sunny court a must-visit in Los Angeles.

13. Daniel Anton Taylor

 I got there just before the make-over of this legendary PerugiaItaly court, but there were still players shooting on a 40-celcius summer day.

12. George Sterling Park

If you are visiting the crookedest street in the world, park at the top and get in some hoops at this sky-high San Francisco court.

11. Posidonio

The popular ThessalonikiGreece court gives you the opportunity to get in on popular games on the weekends. Just steps from the boardwalk, this is a must-visit for hoopers in Greece.

10. Sants

The courts at Parc de l’Espanya Industrial in BarcelonaSpain is set up for hoopers. Games underneath the trees make these popular and memorable spot in town.

9. Eiffel Tower Park

With an Eiffel Tower backdrop, this ParisFrance is one to hoop on. It’s newly resurfaced and ready for pick-up games.

8. Angels Gate Park

It’s windy and the cement flooring isn’t ideal for dribbling, but shooting off into the Pacific ocean makes this Los Angeles court a don’t miss!

7. Parc de la Baceloneta

I’ve always seen photos of this courts in BarcelonaSpain. In the middle of a circular metal fortress, there is nothing like it!

6. Venice Beach

On the beach, next to the boardwalk, and on the cement courts that have been in more movies than any other! Always pick-up games, always sunshine, and always people of all sorts to hoop with or just watch.

5. Carmen Amaya

Not sure I’ve been to a more inviting court. The Barcelona court is freshly re-designed, and makes it a must see and play court in Spain.

4. Kalemegdan

It’s hard to believe there are basketball courts in Kalemegdan Park, but there is a legeneary court here in BelgradeSerbia. The fortress walls surrounding the courts make it an unforgettable view of the main court with red flooring. And just a few minute walk is another multi-basketball court venue used for 3X3 tournaments.

3. Rucker Park

New York City has the most legendary court in the world! There was a youth game going on during my visit, but you can feel the greats playing here with thousands of onlookers. Finally made it to the Greg Marius Court at Holcombe Rucker Park!

2. Pigalle Duperre

The buzz around tourists and players at the legendary Pigalle court in ParisFrance makes it a real must visit. While not a full court, it’s more the experience and the shapes and colors that make it one you will never forget!

1. Brooklyn Bridge Park

It was a magical summer day when we stepped foot on Pier 2. The Brooklyn Bridge Park in the summer was packed with all levels of action. The college-level games underneath the rafters in the shade, and extending out to the Hudson River were 6 half-court pick-up games of kids and families together. The Statue of Liberty is visible from the last courts, and no better way to soak in New York City and play some hoops!

While perhaps not as legendary or well-known as others on the top 10, the ability to hoop on all different courts, get some food, use restrooms, get on a court to shoot alone or in on a pick-up game, and enjoy with the family gives it my #1.

About Author

Ryan O’Leary (Center) is one of the team members of Courts of the World. He happily travels the globe visiting courts with his basketball-playing kids. The American, now living in Sweden, helps manage the basketball court listings and uses the platform to grow the basketball community.

If you want to promote any special court or courts in your area, don’t hesitate to reach out at ryan (at)


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