Author: Ryan O'Leary

Must Hoop: Smart Court Tivoli by Goran Dragic

Goran Dragić, the captain of the golden Slovenian national team from the FIBA European Championship 2017 in Turkey, where he was the MVP of the championship, is a special player, and he is proving it off the court too. Under his vision, there is now a “smart court” in Tivoli, Slovenia… and more to come!

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Traveling Brothers Using Basketball (And Courts of the World) to Advance Local Communities without Borders

Imagine yourself and your brother, your friend, traveling around the world, exploring different cultures, religions, nations, and races. Sounds interesting? Add in a love for basketball, and you have the beginning of the magic behind Justin and Brendan Lee and their nonprofit organization Buckets & Borders.

Justin and Brendan Lee with New Friends After a Night of Playing in Tirana, Albania
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Devastation Vividly Revitalized on Puerto Rico Basketball Court

Basketball isn’t just a game we all know and love; it’s also a sport that can bring entire communities together for one common goal and a better future. It’s one thing to talk about it, but it’s an entirely different thing to put that vision into action, but the team at Reimagine Basketball are doing just that by changing communities, one court at a time.

John Burgos, Reimagine Basketball Team
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‘Roundball Religion’ Photography in America’s Heartland

Roundball Religion is the title of the project of American photographer and teacher Joe Cornett to capture basketball hoops and courts in the heartland of America. “This body of work is a photographic exploration of rustic and makeshift basketball hoops and playgrounds found throughout the United States. The backboard and space give us insight about the culture of basketball in various regions of the country. I’m interested in not only the image, but also the backstory that comes with each hoop.” says the California based photography instructor.

The “American Dream” title photo
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Must Hoop : Kinloch Park in St. Louis

Basketball courts don’t need to to be over complicated to bring hours of joy. All you need is ninety-four by fifty feet of hard court surface, and a hoop at either end to bring smiles to people’s faces. One such court that has brought players back to play after the upgrade is the “must hoop” court in Kinloch Park in St. Louis, Missouri.

Kinloch Park in St. Louis

Despite the formula being so simple, this has not stopped creative minds from around the world constructing some of the most unique courts we have ever seen. These feasts for the eyes have become national landmarks, and bucket list items when visiting certain countries.

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