Author: Ryan O'Leary

Must Hoop : Bayern Basketball Park

The Bayern Basketball Park (powered by FC Bayern Basketball) is our latest “Must Hoop” court. The new facility in München, Germany is located in the Cultural Centre Sugar Mountain. It’s built on the grounds of a former concrete factory, and the two colorful and vibrant full courts inaugarated in July have already hosted its first tournament and is now open for pick-up games for all 24/7.

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Bagnoli Playground in Naples Gets Pandemic Make-Over

Thanks to the basketball community in Naples, Italy, the Bagnoli Playground is now a safe, clean and beautiful place to play basketball. “We came together because of the pandemic.” says Vincenzo Pirozzi the founder of the NBAGNOLI organization along with Andrea Barbato.

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Courts of the World Becomes FIBA Endorsed Basketball Court Finder

Courts of the World has partnered with FIBA’s Equipment & Venue Centre. The cooperation will power FIBA’s new worldwide venue finder, which can be accessed through a promotion link on the website and at The partnership will also come with a re-branding of the logo, including both logos visible with the tagline “FIBA Endorsed Basketball Court Finder”

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Simply British Ballers Bringing UK Hoopers Together

Simply British Ballers. (or better known as SBB.) have set out to create a community and culture for UK hoopers…. and by using social media and their positive vibes and humor, have gotten millions of views. Courts of the World talks to the two founders Denzel Kazembe and Behrad Bakhtiari about their drive to make it all happen.

Behrad Bakhtiari and Denzel Kazembe are the Founders of SBB.
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