Must Hoop : The Rooftop Court in Dubrovnik, Croatia

The City Wall Rooftop Court located in Dubrovnik, Croatia is one of the most photographed courts in the world. This “must hoop” court off the Adriatic Sea has become one of the leading and most sought-after tourist destinations and a rare opportunity for hoopers to play on this majestic court.

The legendary basketball court in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

There are two basketball courts within the city walls (the other is nearest the sea, connected to the high school), but the famous with one is nearer the main street into Dubrovnik.

The other court within the walls

The rooftop court in Dubrovnik has transformed into an architectural landmark, known for its integration of tradition and basketball. The well known interior design magazine Architectural Digest describes the court:

“For those who are lucky enough to play basketball within City Wall Rooftop Court in Dubrovnik, Croatia, the experience will likely stay with them for a lifetime. Not only is the court set within the old, terra-cotta roofs of the city, but the views of the Adriatic Sea are something out of a fairy tale in Croatia.”

Understandably, the Dubrovnik’s court has become one of the most instagrammable courts worldwide. Basketball lovers from far and wide show up on the shores of the nation to get a glimpse and perhaps a bucket on the rooftop.

So bring your ball and your camera when you hit the courts wrapped within the 16th century walls.


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