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Meet the ‘Air’ Photographer of Basketball Courts Petra Leary

If you have ever seen a mesmerizing overhead photo of a basketball court, chances are one of them were taken by award winning photographer Petra Leary. Courts of the World talks to the New Zealand born aerial photographer about her passion for photography, background in playing hoops herself, favorite photos, and her best cities to shoot down on.

You have so many different targets for your aerial photography, but you have focused mostly on basketball courts. Why the interest?

Yea, you’re totally right about that! I like to change things up every now and then and am always down to take photos of new subjects. But the courts (Especially the Basketball Courts) are for sure my favourite! I’ve been asked a few times why and what it is that draws me to them, and I keep thinking if there is something else to it, but I really just put it down to the symmetry and geometry that comes with them.  

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Hello Instagram

We have started our own Instagram page. Find us at @basketballcourtsworld for some of the best basketball court shots around. Tag us to be featured or slide us a dm. We will be integrating and highlighting many of our most popular photos and video posted to the .com.

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Video : Project Blackboard Revamps Kinloch Park in Style

Non-profit organization Project Blackboard worked with the local community to revamp Kinloch Park‘s basketball courts. With a newly paved court and new hoops, the final touch of the unique court was done by artist William LaChance to give it an award-winning look.


Check out this video here.

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How a trip to China inspired the launch of COTW

Back in the summer of 2006, my brother (known around here as CG) found himself in Shanghai, looking for a basketball court where he could check out the local competition. Being abroad – out of your comfort zone and in a place where people talk in riddles – makes things harder than you might imagine.

CG: “You’re 100% sure this is the Emperor’s Palace?”
Cab Driver: “Yes, yes.”

The Chinese, overly polite by nature, nod understandingly even if they have absolutely no clue what the hell you‘re talking about. Any question will be answered with a “Yes,” which is reassuring in a way, but doesn‘t get you an inch closer to a basketball court.

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