Hong Kong’s Top 5 Basketball Courts

Hong Kong is a vibrant and compact city, boasting over 450 public basketball courts for enthusiasts, not including in school facilities, with over 540 in primary schools, 400 in secondary schools, and indoor courts in 20 public sport centres.  However, securing a spot during peak hours, particularly after 7 pm on weekdays or on weekends, can be challenging. Fortunately, alternative courts are usually just a 5 to 10-minute walk away.

In Hong Kong’s street basketball culture, everyone is welcome to join 3-on-3 or 4-on-4 half-court games with 2/3-point scoring and victory achieved at 15 or 21 points.

Several rules govern street basketball in Hong Kong:

  1. If you got a rebound after your opponent’s shot, you must step beyond the 3-point line before attempting a shot.
  2. Following each successful goal, the game restarts from the top of the 3-point line.
  3. The team that scores retains the right to serve.

Based on my personal experience, here are the Top 5 the Most Competitive Basketball Courts in Hong Kong that you should consider visiting to enjoy a game.

5. Fa Hui Park (花墟公園)

A highly renowned court on the Kowloon Island side, particularly favored by skilled student players. Not only is it popular among basketball enthusiasts, but it also attracts high-caliber volleyball and football players. You can enjoy watching quality games when taking a break from basketball, and it even has washrooms nearby.

Number of courts: 3 full courts

Opening hours: 24 hrs

Other Court nearby: Also, you may walk around 22 mins to another very competitive court  – MacPherson Playground which mainly adult and 60+ players and Tai Hang Tung Estate Playground (7 mins by walk). Also nearby is MongKok, one of the major shopping areas in Hong Kong. The area is characterized by a mixture of old and new multi-story buildings, with shops and restaurants at street level, and commercial or residential units above.

4. Hong Tat Path Garden (康達徑公園)

A court located near a renowned sightseeing area and commercial building. After work hours, numerous players, both local and foreign, frequent this location. Additionally, on weekends, it attracts many players due to its central and easily accessible location in the heart of Hong Kong.

In addition to playing basketball here, nearby is Avenue of Stars is a promenade on the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront in Hong Kong, which honors those who have made great contributions to Hong Kong movie theater. The avenue overlooks Victoria Harbour and is a popular spot for taking in the Symphony of Lights show (8pm everyday). There is also the Hong Kong Science Museum, good place for family with kids to spend a whole day.  About 500 exhibits are displayed in the permanent exhibition area. The most prominent exhibit is the 22-metre-high twin-tower Energy Machine which is the largest of its kind in the world.

Number of courts: 2 full courts 

Opening hours: 7 am to 11pm

3. Kai Yip Estate Multi-Storey Car Park (啟業邨)

A public basketball court in Hong Kong, equipped with a shelter, is free of charge and has undergone recent renovations. In August 2023, NBA players D. Wade and D’Angelo Russell played here.

I typically play here in the early morning, from 7 am to 9 am, to secure a spot as the court gained popularity after the renovation. On rainy days, the court becomes fully crowded with players, with queues of 3-6 teams at each half-court. Winning becomes crucial in such competitive conditions.

Number of courts: 2 full courts

Opening hours: 7 am to 10pm

Other Court nearby: Kap Yin House Court (1 min by walk), Kap Ling House Court (1 min by walk), Kowloon Bay Playground (4 mins by walk).

The famous Rooftop Basketball Court

Choi Hung Estate Rooftop Court , also known as the Rainbow Basketball Court, is just a 15-minute walk away. While it is a famous basketball court in Hong Kong, I don’t consider it highly competitive, which is why it didn’t make it to my top 5 list.  NBA player Anthony Davis had played there in 2015.

2. Victoria Park Basketball Courts (維多利亞公園)

Another very competitive court in Hong Kong when peak hour.  Different from Southorn Playground, there are around 60+ players play here in morning time. Location is just 2 mins walk distance with Tin Hau MTR station and you take MTR only 2 stations to Southorn Playground.  But I will prefer to take the Tram (around 10 mins) because I can look around the street and very cheap fare (only $HK.3, ~US$0.4).

Victoria Park is a public park in Causeway Bay, Wan Chai District, Hong Kong. It is around 190,000 square metres (19 ha) in size and in addition to hte basketball courts contains sporting facilities for tennis, association football (6 courts), handball, volleyball, swimming, jogging, fitness, roller skating, and bowling.

Number of courts: 4 full courts

Opening hours: 24 hrs  (I had played at 4:30am to 6am)

Other Court nearby: Hennessy Road Playground (10 mins by tram/bus), Southorn Playground (15 mins by tram/bus)

1. Southorn Playground (修頓遊樂場)

Southorn Playground is, in my opinion, the most competitive basketball court in Hong Kong. During weekday nights, particularly on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, you’ll find a gathering of high-level street ballers here, thanks to its convenient location next to the Wai Chai MTR station exit (MTR is a train subway system in Hong Kong). However, the popularity of this court comes with a downside – the high footfall and occasional local tournaments can result in intense competition. Losing a game means potentially waiting another 30 minutes to an hour for the next opportunity to play. There is a washroom nearby, but not the cleanest. Also, nearby is Toys Street –explore toy shops at attractive prices–and the Wan Chai Computer Centre for lost of shopping.

Number of courts: 4 full courts

Opening hours: 6am to 11:30pm

Other Court nearby: Victoria Park (15 mins by tram/bus), Lockhart Road Playground (5 mins by walk), Hennessy Road Playground (10 mins by walk).

About writer

Billy Tsang is a basketball enthusiast, born in Hong Kong, that has consistently played the sport more than 80 times per year for five consecutive years. Since 2022, visited and documented over 200 courts in Hong Kong and more than 100 courts in Canada

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