Must Hoop : Free Basket in Indiana

Indianapolis is home to a very interesting art installation outside of Newfields Art Museum on the northside of Indianapolis. The public installation was created in 2010 by Los Carpinteros, a Cuban art collective, that is titled “Free Basket”. And while this might not fit perfectly into our “Must Hoop” series, it is definitely a must visit!

The piece is very unique with 24 blue and red arcs covering the court to show the trajectory of a basketball from different angles. It was created to show a fusion of Indianapolis’ connection to basketball along with the city’s culture.

The court is full, regulation size with regulation FIBA / NBA height hoops. The sculpture is illuminated at night with built-in lights in the flooring of the court.

While not the best place for a pickup game, it is one of the most scenic courts in all of Indianapolis and is a fun place to try and shoot around after a run in 100 Acres Park, which is only a few feet away. If you just want to hoop, then you can also park right by the court to check it out.

Indianapolis Museum of Art owns the court that was built over 10 years ago.

While this court won’t make our top pick-up courts, when in the USA put this on your list and be sure to check out our top 10 basketball courts in the world for your bucket list!

Note: Text and photos by Robert Taylor. Ryan O’Leary also contributed to the article.


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