Buckets & Borders Supports Community-Led Court Restorations

Buckets & Borders has had a busy 2022, completing “Project Pick & Roll”, a three-court restoration project taking place in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The organization founded in 2015 by traveling hoopers Justin and Brendan Lee —they used Courts of the World in their early adventures— that have a “pursuit to share the game we love with the global community.”

The single court dubbed “The Den” was designed by local students at Scott Collegiate who named, designed, and led the execution of the project.

The yellow, blue(s), and orange represent the school colours and Every Child Matters. With full-court, lights, and quality court, a new flagship stop for players of any level to enjoy.

The double court dubbed “The Yard” was designed by local Regina artist Brianna LaPlante. Brianna is a Fine Artist from Fishing Lake First Nation and she grew up playing at these exact courts in the North Central Community.

LaPlante painting the court influenced by feminity and the “Flower of Life”.

LaPlante’s designs where chosen to be implemented in the Spring of 2022 and now has been completed this Summer. “Basketball really took my away from my unfortunate experiences. The basketball court was a central meeting point for me and my friends to hang out, spend time, and laugh.”

“Project Pick & Roll was a community led project and the entire Buckets & Borders team and community couldn’t be more proud of the restored courts.” comments the leadership team.

The winter months bring some quieter times for Buckets & Borders in Canada, but stay tuned for another busy summer in 2023!


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