How to Keep Playing Basketball on a Caribbean Cruise

A real hooper might be afraid to go on a cruise, fearing they won’t be able to train and get shots up as they float away from the mainland.  However, we found a way to do it over 7 days on the second biggest cruise ship in the world, the Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas which holds 5,500 passengers. Let’s just see how much basketball you can plan traveling from Florida through the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

It’s nice to hoop at all hours on a cruise.
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Top 10 Basketball Courts in Stockholm

There are basketball courts everywhere in Stockholm.  Every elementary school and high school will have a place to hoop, and most parks in the Nordic the capital will have a court.  While there isn’t that much action in the winter, when it is warm enough in Sweden to get out these are the top basketball courts throughout the Stockholm area.  Courts with more pick-up games, better surfaces and hoops, and unique environments are moved to the top in this list to help you discover good options in the area.

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The UK’s Brightlingsea Sledgehammers Basketball Court Now Open

In many communities around the world, another art inspired court with superior flooring would go unnoticed, but in the United Kingdom the initiatives are rare. However, helping the movement one court at a time is The Sledgehammers basketetball court, that opened this past weekend the coastal town of Brightlingsea in the Tendring district of Essex, England. “The Brightlingsea Sledgehammers Beach Court is the result of a fundraiser to help put the team on the map within the town and provide somewhere inspiring for the local youth to work on their skills.” says by friend of the club and former player Jay Kitchen that lead the initiative.

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5 Most Photographed Outdoor Basketball Courts

With the growth of social media and the internet, there are unlimited photos to look at of basketball courts. On Courts of the World alone, we have over 10,000! For basketball players on the lookout to play on the most unique and beautiful outdoor basketball courts, there are a few that you’ve likely seen over and over becasue of their beauty and uniqueness. This our list of the 5 most photographed basketball courts.

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