Top 10 Basketball Courts in Stockholm

There are basketball courts everywhere in Stockholm.  Every elementary school and high school will have a place to hoop, and most parks in the Nordic the capital will have a court.  While there isn’t that much action in the winter, when it is warm enough in Sweden to get out these are the top basketball courts throughout the Stockholm area.  Courts with more pick-up games, better surfaces and hoops, and unique environments are moved to the top in this list to help you discover good options in the area.

S:t Eriks Gymnasium in Kungsholmen

You will always find action at S:t Eriks Gymnasium.  Planned pick-up games or just drop in.  Usually music is playing and a international mix of players on the popular single court.

The flooring is rubber, but the backboards aren’t fantastic. There is a Facebook group to help organize action here. Typical post include “We are 3 players wanna play streetball today? Is there anyone join us so we can be 2 on 2?”

Åsö Vuxengymnasium in Södermalm

The newly repaved courts, including a fresh mural on the main court, makes this one of the top courts in the city.  It’s gotten more attention in the summer of 2022 for 3X3 tournament action and make-over. The prime location, near the towering Skrapan center, you have access to food, bathrooms, snacks and shopping right next to the open playing area where ballers of all levels play.

A fun and casual place to shoot alone, get in a a friendly game, or some time with the family.

Vendelsömalmsskolan in Haninge

This brand new court with plastic flooring is an ideal play to ball.  With two full courts and an area to sit and watch, this is the best court you will find outside.  It’s south of town, but on a nice day worth a visit. In the summer it is a destination for 3X3 tournament action.

Aspuddens IP in Aspudden

The long-standing court has nice rubber flooring and chain nets that metal clang no other! Another location used for Streetball 3X3 action.

Östra Grundskolan in Skogås

A surprisingly nice court for outdoor hoops.  Fully Bergo brand plastic flooring half court usually some action.  Part of the Huddinge Basket club, the half court is nice for little pick-up games and getting shots up.

It’s close to the shopping center, so a nice location for some snacks in between games.

Rålambshovsparken in Kungsholmen

A couple places to play here, and it’s more of the ambiance than the court that pushes this on the list.  The main court under the Lilla Västerbron bridge is right next to the skate park, giving it a real street vibe, so on a rainy day you can get some shots up here without getting wet. 

While not popular for pick-ups and the rims have little give for error, if you are traveling through Sweden get a few shots up here and some cool pictures. Also, there is a court in the grass area that is suitable to practice your game.

Ektorp Court in Nacka

If you are in the Nacka area, this is a nice rubber court with hoops all around. On a sunny day it makes for a great backdrop among the trees. With newly installed hoops a great place to get a run in.

Kvarnholmen in Nacka

This court looks a lot better than it is to play on. It makes the list because it’s right on the main line for cruise ships and sailboats to make their way out to the archipelago, and just a magical view of the water and into the city.

Blue Hill Street Court

Probably too early to put on such a list, but it’s a nice new court in Solna with brand-new see-through plexy-glass rims, and most notably a really cool unique blue flooring.

Bredäng Basketplan

Solid rims and a nice full court rubber surface. You got 3-point lines and even extra hoops on the side to get shots in on a crowded day.

Elinsborgsskolan in Tensta

Two full courts with rubber flooring. A nice open area and I like the unique background of being so close to the main freeway. A bit north of town, and perhaps not a place you want to play deep into the night, but there are lights.

Thanks to players BenjaminStockholm and NikudD that have both visited most of the courts throughout Sweden. Several of their photos and ratings where used to help shape this list.

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