How to Keep Playing Basketball on a Caribbean Cruise

A real hooper might be afraid to go on a cruise, fearing they won’t be able to train and get shots up as they float away from the mainland.  However, we found a way to do it over 7 days on the second biggest cruise ship in the world, the Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas which holds 5,500 passengers. Let’s just see how much basketball you can plan traveling from Florida through the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

It’s nice to hoop at all hours on a cruise.
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Featured Player – Michael Overgaard

Denmark based Michael Overgaard has added 98 courts since he joined as a contributor a year ago, and in that short time has added more photos out of any other member. While we have solid coverage of courts on our Courtfinder map in the Nordic country, Overgaard has found all those courts that you are likely to miss.

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