The Colourful Basketball Courts of Lisbon, Portugal

Planning a trip to Portugal’s capital? Pack your most colourful kicks because it’s likely you’ll hoop on a work of art. Here is a little background on the good folks making these great environments and our top 3 favourite colourful courts in Lisbon:

The vibrant basketball courts of Lisbon

Every city needs a group of artists who care as much as the Artists of Lisboa. Hoopers ( is one of them. Its mission “We work together with local urban artists to transform old, abandoned and damaged courts into new and iconic spots in cities.” ‘Galeria de Arte Urbano’ aka GAU is another group making their mark artistic mark. GAU works on improving and renovating old and or unused public sports spaces and transforms them into these beautiful bursts of Colour. They call these renovations: ‘intervention’ and ‘rehabilitation’ as if these courts are alive, personified and I love it. Check out the results here.

3. Monsanto 

Artists: Hoopers’ Freddy Klit and Pedro Loureiro aka Mojojojo.

Hidden on the northern edge of the Monsanto jungle. A unique setup combining very creative sports, basketball and climbing.

You have your cardio and strength training next to each other, just don’t forget the rope!

2. Campo Dos Martires Da Patricia
Artist: Akacorleone

“The search for a true balance is hard to achieve but it’s possible,” said akacorleone. “The concept behind the art for this project was to play with the notion of duality, of two different points of view, two different sides that complement each other like opposite versions of the same reality that can only be understood as one”.

1. Porto De Lisboa

Artist: Flix 

New court in an old spot. They used to organise Bball tournaments here in the docks in the late 90’s, early 00’s. With these legit FIBA 3X3 courts, we better see some tournaments here in the future. A court so colourful really does summon extra energy from within. The artwork by Flix is based on nautical flags, reflecting the location and the international players that hoop there.

Oh and you think Portugal is a football only country? Think again. The games were highly competitive and there are some real hoopers out here in Lisbon. Portugal represent!

Which was your favourite? Are there other courts we missed?

Let us know and help us find the most colourful courts in the world and add them to our map!

Photos and text by : Jumbles St Pierre


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