Must Hoop : Southview Park in Sausalito

There are some basketball courts that must be visited. On a clear day, Southview Park has a million dollar view of San Francisco when there is no fog, and I was able to visit on such a day. Put this court as a “Must Hoop” if you are ever in the area for some hoops and scenery.

Unlike our other “must hoop” courts that come with a long history of pro players and streetball legends putting in time in pick-up games to make it on our Top 10 Basketball Court List, this one is simply an experience of hooping up in the air.

I learned about this court from a tiny image posted on years ago. It was an old blurry photo, but a glimpse of the view made me curious.

Posted on by player @jressler27 in 2015.

So, I thought I would give it a look, and took a ball and my family across the golden gate bridge and up the hill to check it out. With easy parking (the hills are steep), ow I can truly recommend this spot first hand!

A full court, a little smaller than regulation size. But, it is newly paved with free throw and 3-point lines. The hoops are new and adjustable, so if you want to dunk a few or practice on your shots, you can do it all.

Southview Park is another Must Hoop court in California. Make sure to visit if you are near Sausalito!


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