Courts of the World Team Presents at FIBA Partners Summit

The Courts of the World team was in Antwerp, Belgium for the FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre’s bi-annual Partners’ meeting. The summit was opened by Hamane Niang, President of FIBA, and then lead by Bart Prinssen, Head of Equipment & Venue Centre, and Jasmine Long, FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre Senior Associate.

Ryan O’Leary, Stephan Belitz, and Claas Garthoff

During the sessions about technology, Courts of the World was able to share their story. Garthoff discussed the initial idea for the website in 2006 and how it was launched with his brother and Belitz that launched the website in 2008.

The team also had a chance to watch 3×3 stars from around the world at the seventh edition of the FIBA 3×3 World Cup, which took place right next door to the partner summit

The team talked about the origins of inputting a few thousand courts to the passionate users that have gone on to identify over 45,000 courts in over 100 countries. The crowdsourcing from the basketball community, plus the mapping technology and integration of various sources of data have driven the success of the platform, and O’Leary talked about what may be coming in the future!

Courts of the World become the FIBA Endorsed Basketball Finder last year, and with the addition of FIBA courts used for international competition, the partnership has blossomed with the basketball community showing the best and safest locations to play basketball both indoor and outdoor.

And, like every trip, the team also checked in on the most popular basketball spots in Antwerp, and added photos and rated many throughout the area.

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