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Basketball courts near Venice Beach

Name Distance Rating
OG Veteran... A Legend of VB, 227 San Juan Avenue 0.3 miles
Oakwood Recreation Center, 1150-1198 7th Ave 0.9 miles
Ocean View Park, 2701 Barnard Way 1.2 miles
Los Amigos Basketball Courts, 5th & Hollister 1.5 miles
Marine Park, 1406 Marine Street 1.5 miles
Joslyn Park, 633 Kensington Rd 1.7 miles
Penmar Rec Center, 1360 Rose Ave 1.8 miles
SMC Courts, 1702 Pico Blvd 2.1 miles
Clover Park Courts, 2600 Ocean Park Blvd 2.4 miles
Memorial Park Gym, 1401 Olympic Blvd 2.4 miles
Virginia Avenue Park, 2201 Pico Blvd 2.5 miles
Del Rey Lagoon Park, 6600-6898 Pacific Ave 2.5 miles
Culver West Park, Moore St 2.7 miles
Stewart Street Park, Stewart St 2.9 miles
Glen Alla Park, 4701-4727 Alla Rd 2.9 miles
Reed Park, 7th & Wilshire 3 miles
St. Monica Catholic High School, 1030 Lincoln Blvd 3.1 miles
Lincoln Middle School, Lincoln Middle School 3.2 miles
McKinley Elementary School, McKinley Elementary School 3.2 miles
Playa Vista Basketball Courts, 12300-12498 W Bluff Creek Dr 3.5 miles
Roosevelt Elementary School, 800-850 Alta Ave 3.6 miles
Franklin Elementary School, Franklin Elementary School 3.7 miles
Mar Vista Recreation Center, 3406 Butler Ave 3.8 miles
Stoner Recreation Center, 11801 Missouri Avenue 3.8 miles
Carlthorp School, 438 San Vicente Blvd 3.9 miles
Brockton Avenue Elementary School, Brockton Avenue Elementary School 4.1 miles
Canyon Charter Elementary School, Canyon Charter Elementary School 4.1 miles
University High School, 11800 Texas Avenue 4.1 miles
Burns Recreation Center, 7912 Loyola Boulevard 4.2 miles
Interesting Game, 12702 San Vicente Blvd 4.3 miles
Stoner Avenue Elementary School, 11621-11735 Braddock Dr 4.3 miles
Mar Vista Gardens Recreation Center, Mar Vista Gardens Recreation Center 4.4 miles
Westchester Basketball Courts, 7000 W Manchester Ave 4.4 miles
Rustic Canyon Recreation Center, Rustic Canyon Recreation Center 4.6 miles
Playa Vista Central Park, 12045 Waterfront Dr 4.7 miles
Culver/Stauson Park, Ballona Creek Bike Path 4.7 miles
El Marino Elementary School, 11450 Port Rd 5 miles
Westwood Park, 1351-1399 Veteran Ave 5 miles
Westwood Recreation Center, 1350 South Sepulveda Boulevard 5 miles
El Marino Park, 5400-5414 Diller Ave 5.1 miles
Palms Rancho Park, 2950 Overland Ave 5.1 miles
Barrington Recreation Center, 333 S Barrington Ave 5.2 miles
Culver City Pool, 4245-4299 Coombs Ave 5.2 miles
Revere Middle School, Revere Middle School 5.2 miles
Lindberg Park, 11001-11099 Rhoda Way 5.3 miles
Palisades Park 5.3 miles
Woodbine, 3410 Motor Ave 5.3 miles
The Archer School for Girls, The Archer School for Girls 5.5 miles
Blanco Park, 10880 Stever St 5.7 miles
Richmond Street Elementary School, Richmond Street Elementary School 5.7 miles
El Segundo High School, El Segundo High School 5.8 miles
Palisades Charter High School, 941 Temescal Canyon Rd 5.8 miles
Cheviot Hills, 2551-2699 Motor Ave 6.1 miles
Fox Hills Park, 5820 Uplander Way 6.1 miles
Pauley Pavillion Court, Strathmore Pl 6.1 miles
Saxon Basketball Courts, 353 De Neve Drive 6.1 miles
El Segundo Teen Center, 405 E Grand Ave 6.2 miles
John Wooden Center, 221 Westwood Plaza 6.2 miles
Sheldon Recreation Park, 328 Sheldon St 6.2 miles
Center Street Elementary School, Center Street Elementary School 6.4 miles
El Segundo Middle School, El Segundo Middle School 6.6 miles
Marquez Charter Elementary School, 16801-16899 Marquez Ave 6.6 miles
St. Matthews Parish School, St. Matthews Parish School 6.6 miles
Beverly Hills Unified School District, 355-399 Heath Avenue 6.7 miles
Frank D. Parent Elementary School, 6432 S Springpark Ave 6.7 miles
Roxybury Memorial Park, Roxbury Dr 6.8 miles
Blair Hills Park, 6298-7098 Wrightcrest Drive 6.9 miles
JEM Community Center, 9930 S Santa Monica Blvd 7.1 miles
Isis Ave, 9612 Isis Ave 7.2 miles
La Tijera Elementary School, 1415 La Tijera Blvd 7.2 miles
Syd Kronenthal Park, Ballona Creek Bike Path 7.3 miles
East El Segundo Boulevard, 1902-2096 E El Segundo Blvd 7.4 miles
Airdrome St & Robertson Blvd, 8801-8865 Airdrome Street 7.5 miles
Ashwood Park, Ashwood Park 7.5 miles
Grand View Elementary School, 24th Pl 7.6 miles
Oak Street Elementary School, 600-798 W Elm Ave 7.6 miles
Highland Elementary School, Highland Elementary School 7.7 miles
Rogers Park, 17 Pepper Ct 7.8 miles
Baldwin Hills Rec Center, 3501 S Ridgeley Dr 7.9 miles
Claude Hudnall Elementary School, Claude Hudnall Elementary School 7.9 miles
Ladera Park, 6106 Condon Ave 7.9 miles
Live Oak Park, 18th St 7.9 miles
Felton Elementary School, 10417 Felton Ave 8 miles
Tony Siminski Park, 4856 W 97th St 8 miles
American Martyrs Catholic School, American Martyrs Catholic School 8.1 miles
Buford Elementary School, Buford Elementary School 8.2 miles
Del Aire Park, 12601 Isis Ave 8.2 miles
George Crozier Middle School, 120 W Regent St 8.2 miles
Inglewood High School, Inglewood High School 8.2 miles
Laurel Square, 13 Laurel Square 8.2 miles
Lennox Middle School, 4961-5039 W 111th Pl 8.2 miles
Pacific Elementary School, Pacific Elementary School 8.3 miles
Payne Elementary School, Payne Elementary School 8.3 miles
Juan De Anza Elementary School, 12001-12299 S La Cienega Blvd 8.4 miles
The Summit Club At Palisades, The Summit Club At Palisades 8.4 miles
Three Sixty at South Bay, 5428 Strand 8.4 miles
Century Community Charter School, 901 Maple St 8.5 miles
Da Vinci Innovation Academy, 13500 Aviation Blvd 8.5 miles
Jim Gilliam Park, 4000 South La Brea Avenue 8.5 miles
Juan Cabrillo Elementary School, Juan Cabrillo Elementary School 8.6 miles
Lennox Park, 10828-10914 Condon Ave 8.6 miles
Richard Henry Dana Middle School, 5400-5570 W 135th St 8.6 miles
Meadows Avenue Elementary School, 1360-1698 N Meadows Ave 8.7 miles
Peter Burnett Elementary School, Peter Burnett Elementary School 8.7 miles
Hawthorne High School, 4900 Stacy St 8.8 miles
Holly Glen Park, Holly Glen Park 8.8 miles
Marine Avenue Park, Marine Ave 8.8 miles
Eucaliptus Park, 12100 S Inglewood Ave 8.9 miles
Polliwog Park, 1200-1798 N Peck Ave 8.9 miles
Rancho Cienega Sports Center, 4503-4999 Rodeo Rd 8.9 miles
Robinson Elementary School, Robinson Elementary School 8.9 miles
Manhattan Beach Middle School, 1700 N Herrin Ave 9 miles
E Kelso St, 517 S Prairie Ave 9.1 miles
Nela Park, 600-798 Warren Ln 9.1 miles
West Hollywood Park, 647 N San Vicente Blvd 9.1 miles
Manhattan Heights Park, 1600-1698 Manhattan Beach Blvd 9.2 miles
Valley Park, 2520 Morningside Dr 9.2 miles
Vineyard Recreation Center, Vineyard Recreation Center 9.2 miles
Prarie Ave, 3911 W 104th St 9.5 miles
S Meadows Ave, 501-699 S Meadows Ave 9.5 miles
Carlton Dr, 8798 Edmonton Pl 9.6 miles
Ramona Park, 4601-4709 West 137th Street 9.6 miles
Valley Park, 1724 Valley Park Ave 9.8 miles
Anderson Park, 2200-2298 Farrell Avenue 10 miles

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