Must Hoop : Bayern Basketball Park

The Bayern Basketball Park (powered by FC Bayern Basketball) is our latest “Must Hoop” court. The new facility in München, Germany is located in the Cultural Centre Sugar Mountain. It’s built on the grounds of a former concrete factory, and the two colorful and vibrant full courts inaugarated in July have already hosted its first tournament and is now open for pick-up games for all 24/7.

“The Bayern Basketball Park at Sugar Mountain is always worth a trip. The design, the matching backboards and the entire area is really nice. The fact that FC Bayern Basketball made this great place happen in cooperation with Munich artist Gabe is something special for the whole community. It wasn`t always the case during my active career here, but I feel like something is happening: There is a streetball court at every corner nowadays and I think there is nothing better in summer than playing some basketball outside.” Steffen Hamann, former FC Bayern Basketball player with 131 appearances for the German national team.

The amazing environment that is both urban and public, also offers options besides basketball such as art exhibitions, cultural events & workshops, culinary offers (food trucks & beer garden), live music and a wide offer of other sports activities like a skatepark, boulder wall, bmx track, table tennis, boxing/fitness/yoga. The Sugar Mountain set-up is planned to be open till at least 2024.

The court was built and powered by FC Bayern Basketball to fill a gap in Munichs Streetball-Community. Following the motto “We ball together“. The goal was to create a local streetball playground that makes our sport accessible for everyone as a symbol of social responsibility, with its always open availability and free entrance fee. The court is set as a “symbol of social responsibility, creativity, cosmopolitanism. Values that represent our brand (FC Bayern Basketball).”

While originally planned for two hoops, but the court launched with four hoops (all by GOALRILLA) to increase capacity and give more players a chance to play at the same time. Fans can watch and hang out on the nearby stands.

If you don’t have a ball, you can pick one up there to play with free of charge. The free throw and three point lines are all up to FIBA standards.

The artwork was created in cooperation with Munich graphic artist GABE who not only designed/painted the court but also the backboards and several other surfaces around the area of Sugar Mountain.

Watch the the grand opening festivities here.


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