Must Hoop : The Block, Dubai

You are in Dubai enjoying the sun, great weather, and hot girls/guys but you still miss basketball? I have a great place for you to hoop, relax, and do so many interesting things. Welcome to The Block!

The Block is honestly one of the most interesting places to explore in Dubai if you are looking for sports and recreation.

Basically, it’s an urban park that’s perfect for skating, shooting hoops, rock climbing, and hanging out.

It’s located opposite the Design Quarter at the D3 Waterfront, the open-air destination offers a range of different outdoor and leisure areas including basketball.

The Block was created by inspiring artists and engineers that have many success and awards by designing and building attractive places for young people.

The Block’s building process took place over 7 months by repurposing 30-ton concrete blocks from the Dubai Canal construction. The cool fact is that The Block was developed with an ecological mindset, recycling concrete, which was used in the canal area during construction.

If you take a closer look at the Design Quarter and The Block itself you can notice that the whole thing has some kind of unique Miami Vibe look.
The whole year is filled with all kinds of events and parties. If you like good food, there is a food festival with over 30 international cousins. Music artists and DJs have their live show at night.

During winter in partnership with the Ball Above All, there is UAE 3×3 Winter League with 26 teams taking part in the event.

Competitions are held in five categories and the winners get cash rewards

– Men (Open category)

– Men (5’9 and below)

– Women (Open category)

– Boys (Under 18)

– Boys (Under 14)

Dubai Design District is every cool kid’s dream, and it just got even better with the opening of The Block.

The Block offers free entry to sports facilities so everyone can enjoy doing whatever the want.

Usually, it’s open daily 7 am-midnight.

But because of COVID 19 situation in the world, the Block is now closed. Their utmost priority is to provide a safe and healthy environment for business partners and community members. As part of our precautionary measures, they have decided to keep The Block closed until further notice. This decision will be regularly reviewed in line with the health and safety guidelines set by the concerned authorities. We hope that this pandemic will come to end soon, so we all can return to basketball at it’s finest state

So let’s wrap it up, The Block in the United Arab Emirates is basicly a fun and modern sports and recreation park close to the sea just like in Maimi. You have everything there, you need just to take the ball, sunscreen, your basketball shoes and let the ball fly.

Written by ex-professional basketball player and Courts of the World contributor Milos Vujicic from Serbia.


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