Must Hoop : Siri Fort in New Delhi, India

If you are a baller looking for a ‘serious’ pickup game, then Siri Fort in New Delhi, India is just the perfect place for you.

Night basketball game (Image credits: Sahil Solanki, ANJ Creations Pvt Ltd.)

Located in the posh south Delhi region of India’s national capital, the DDA Siri Fort Sports Complex is a sprawling multi-sport facility for tennis, badminton, field hockey, cricket, football, squash, swimming, golf and general fitness (with a dedicated gym and calisthenics area).

But it is the basketball courts that are of particular attention to us. With an entry fee of just Rs 60/- (less than $1) granting unlimited usage of most facilities for an entire day, Siri Fort is a very well maintained complex that is a total value for money.

Former FIBA Commissioner and National Coach Mr. Ashok Kumar Sharma (Photo from RSA Sports Facebook)

The basketball courts themselves are twin courts side by side, with floodlights and synthetic surfaces. Water dispensers aren’t too far off, and small lawns with seating benches around the courts allow hoopers to warm up, cool down or wait patiently for their turn to play. And considering how crowded these courts get, especially in the evenings — with as many as four half court pickup games going on simultaneously on all four hoops — it is nice to have such waiting zones.

The games themselves are usually of a high standard, as the courts frequently see some of the top hoopers from Delhi University’s various colleges. Many of these players have joined their colleges on basketball scholarships (known in India as ‘sports quota’) and have represented their state teams in the National Championships. Siri Fort is also the preferred venue for many foreign ballers from across the globe including Africa and the Far East, and is the host of Indian 3X3 championships.

So if you are looking for some dynamic, competitive pickup games with and against players of clashing styles, as well as a chance to make friends with fellow basketball fans and lovers, then Siri Fort in Delhi is a must hoop venue for you!

Being located in the heart of the city, the venue is also easily accessible via subway (known in India as ‘metro’) and other forms of public transport including buses, auto rickshaws and cabs.

If you are new to the city, besides pickup games at the sports complex, the Siri Fort area also has a medieval era fort (hence the name ‘Siri Fort’) as well as an auditorium that frequently hosts top music shows, plays, concerts and other events.

All in all, Siri Fort offers more than just basketball, and is an excellent Sunday well spent in India’s national capital.


PS. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, day passes at Siri Fort have been indefinitely suspended, and access is currently only through membership (which is open to all visitors). Also, it appears that as of now, all team sports are have been suspended until further notice.

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