Must Hoop : Titan Love Court in Manila, Philippines

Growing up as a kid loving the game of basketball, I got well acquainted with outdoor courts. Where I’m from, and many other places around the world, the playing courts are known as the locations for competitive competitions to take place. These competitions can mean and translate to much more than just a simple basketball game. They create a place for community and friendships, as well as present struggles such as adversity and hardships, that help build both physical and mental toughness. I have learned many great qualities from growing up on outdoor courts that still apply to my game today. And there are thousands of NBA players that also have the same testament.

Now, I have grown up and I’m currently playing professional basketball which has enabled me to travel around the world and see many different basketball courts and arenas.

I rarely find myself on an outdoor court nowadays, but there seems to be this one court that captures my attention every single time I pass it. When the lights turn on, it instantly makes me want to gravitate towards it. One that sits right dead center in the middle of the newest and most developed CBD in the Philippines.

Almost as if you took the world famous Rucker Park and placed it right in the exact location of the legendary Madison Square Garden. This is Titan Love Court.

Me Dunking at Titan Love Court, Located in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, Philippines

This court has not just one, but two full courts that are caged in and surrounded on every side by skyscraper buildings, making it a perfect site to see from the top down.

Nike has had exclusive rights to this court, often having many of their events and ad campaigns done on this court. The most recent campaign being a mural on each court, one featuring NBA star LeBron James and the other featuring WNBA star Maya Moore.

Although those are all great factors in the hype of this court, seeing this court as it is in its’ natural element, without the glam, promotional posters and bumping music, is a really beautiful site for anybody that appreciates the game of basketball. This is truly a place where kids can compete and dream about playing like their favorite basketball players. Where adults can get exercise and keep their competitive juices alive. And the community can casually watch and enjoy the nice weather. 

I highly recommend visiting this court if you are ever in the Metro Manila area. Titan Love Court, you will forever be one of my favorites!

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Article by Chris Newsome. The American played college basketball at New Mexico Highlands University. He is a current professional player in the Phillipines as a Bolt and former Blue Eagle and won Rookie of the Year in 2016. Follow him on Instagram at @new11new or at Courts Of the World here.


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