5 Most Beachin’ Basketball Courts in San Diego

San Diego has had a rough history with professional basketball teams, but that doesn’t mean that there are a shortage of ballers here. Throughout America’s finest city, there are many hidden gems that even many locals do not know about. The beautiful beaches, temperate climate, and chill people provide San Diego with the perfect environment for scenic courts and fun pickup experiences. In this list we will go over the 5 most beautiful, least visited, and overall best places to play basketball on the beach in San Diego.

5. Mission Bay Courts

Mission Bay court at 11am on a Monday

The courts at Mission Bay are the perfect combination of a relaxing day and a hard workout. There are two full-sized concrete courts, located just feet from the water in Mission Bay. The wind of the bay paired with the smell of the salty water make for a great physical experience before you even step onto the court!

One of the best places to play on a sunny day, you can bet that there will usually be people to play with if you check this court out. With a wonderful view of SeaWorld, it is a great place to hoop until the sun goes down. One of the best perks of this spot is the view of SeaWorld’s firework show that happens every Saturday night during the summer.

4. Paradise Point Court

Full court at Paradise Point
Court view of Mission Bay

Situated right on an inlet of San Diego’s Mission Bay, the Paradise Point basketball court offers the most well kept court on this list. Being a part of a hotel, the court remains open to the public and provides hoopers with a clean and calm atmosphere to play the game they love. Close to a public beach that seems more like a private one in North Cove, the court remains an elusive spot that is rarely fully occupied.

3. Scripps UCSD Court

The Scripps pier is one of the worlds largest research piers and provides around 1.8 million pounds of seawater to labs and aquariums nearby. The pier is over 1000 feet long and despite its beauty, it is unfortunately not open to the public.
Secret court near Scripps ocean laboratories

A hidden gem of the University of California, San Diego’s campus is a small hoop located directly across from the famous Scripps pier. The pier has been in use since 1916, only 25 years after basketball was invented! The hoop is in a small area that is private and rarely interrupted, yet its location right next to the beach makes it an unmatched place to play. One of my favorite places to meet up with friends, it is very soothing to play while listening to the waves crash next to you. After a hard game with some friends, nothing beats jumping in the cool Pacific Ocean to refresh.

2. Mission Beach Court

Mission Beach during day

No, this isn’t a typo. This court is very much different from the the #4 in this list. The court at Mission beach is a hub for many hoopers from around the county to come and run pickup on the beach. A unique experience for sure as the court is surrounded by sand volleyball courts, fire pits, and a lot of sunburnt tourists. The court is a single full court with nice nets, and strong rims that have been weathered by years of play. The age of the rim and court is apparent, but only adds to the streetball feel that mission beach provides. This court is in a convenient location, being pretty central in the city of San Diego on the coast. Not only geographically also, as Mission Beach is the perfect place for beach barbecues as well as a sunset pickup game.

1. Fletcher Cove

Nothing fits quite as well in the number 1 spot as Fletcher Cove. The wonderful location encompasses the sheer cliffs of Solana Beach with the blue hue of the Pacific Ocean. The court is easy to find, and is usually open, much to the enjoyment of myself and many other curious basketball players. The court itself is a single hoop with a concrete ground, but the earthy color of the ground basically glows during the sunset. It is truly one of the most beautiful courts I have ever seen.

There are hundreds of courts throughout America’s Finest City, and dozens that coexist well with the natural beauty of Southern California. Although some might not be the most popular or the most crowded, if you are looking to play basketball with a wonderful view and year round feeling of summer vacation, San Diego could be your hooper paradise.


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