Devastation Vividly Revitalized on Puerto Rico Basketball Court

Basketball isn’t just a game we all know and love; it’s also a sport that can bring entire communities together for one common goal and a better future. It’s one thing to talk about it, but it’s an entirely different thing to put that vision into action, but the team at Reimagine Basketball are doing just that by changing communities, one court at a time.

John Burgos, Reimagine Basketball Team

In their own words, Reimagine Basketball:

Strategically shapes, rejuvenates and animates communities through basketball and basketball spaces, utilizing the courts and transforming them into giant canvasses to inspire multi-generational Play ‘On Art’.

To celebrate and inspire community pride, social interaction among friends, family, neighbors and strangers while supporting individual growth and skill development with payoffs that elevate community viability and public safety, and brings diverse people together to celebrate, inspire, and be inspired.

Led by founder and president John Burgos, the Reimagine Basketball Team recently made a trip to Arecibo, Puerto Rico; a seaside town that was severely hit by hurricane Maria – their worst hurricane in a 100 years.

Whilst most of the city has recovered from the effects of the hurricane, many parts have been left just as they were when the disaster struck due to the lack of resources.

At the heart of the city is their beloved basketball court, La Cancha Lincoln, which the Reimagine Basketball team wanted to transform to give the community something they are proud of again.

With no electricity and tsunami warnings ever present, John and a team from the show The Fixers (check out TV episode) battled through adversity to bring the court back to life.

The design behind the court was entirely John’s idea, being a former professional basketball player himself, and wanting to create something that would bring a smile to the community.

The team of fixers brought the vision to life, using every color imaginable in a blotchy array of abstract shapes. The colors intertwine throughout the court, creating a distinctive beauty amidst the design madness.

Murals that capture the essence of the city, which is located just outside the capital San Jose, surround the court surface.

Fittingly, after the court was complete, John made the first bucket from the free throw line, and in his words hoped it would be the “first of millions”.

As the sun went down, the community poured into see their latest masterpiece, and John couldn’t be prouder of what was built.

“We have achieved a dream-come-true for Arecibo. Now Arecibo has the most beautiful basketball court in the world!”

Gathering everyone in a circle, he proclaimed, “Let’s go like all of Puerto Rico will hear us, one…two…three…ARECIBO!”

Basketball may be just a game to some people, but John (a 9-year pro himself with Puerto Rico Superior Basketball) and the team at Reimagine Basketball highlight just how important it is as a vehicle for change in our society.

What they have achieved in the city of Arecibo after the devastating hurricane is nothing short of extraordinary, and the whole world needs to see the wonderful court they’ve created.


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