1. United States
  2. Wayne, PA
  3. 571 Brinton Rd

Strafford Park



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 24° F


85 %


Light Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
07:49 AM


Time until Sunset
09:20 hrs

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Basketball courts near Strafford Park

Name Distance Rating
First Baptist Church, 1012 Upper Gulph Rd 1 miles
New Eagle Court, Burns Blvd 1.3 miles
Radnor Road, Radnor Rd 1.6 miles
Dundee Place, 228 Highland Ave 1.9 miles
Devon Elementary School, 400 S Fairfield Rd 2.1 miles
Falcon Road, 489 Falcon Rd 2.3 miles
Old Fort Court, Pennsylvania Turnpike 2.8 miles
Radnor Elementary School, 20 Matsonford Road 2.8 miles
Old State Park, 424 Old State Road 2.9 miles
Valley Forge Acres Park, 396 Lori Ln 3 miles
Valley Forge Middle School, 105 West Walker Road 3.1 miles
General Maxwell Court, 440 General Maxwell Rd 3.4 miles
Caley Elementary School, 466 Regimental Rd 3.5 miles
Valley Forge Circuit, Valley Forge Cir 3.5 miles
Wilson Farm Park, 500 Lee Rd 3.6 miles
Sweetbriar Park, 279 Sweetbriar Cir 3.9 miles
Villanova University, Hilldale Rd 4 miles
Brookside Road, Brookside Rd 4.4 miles
Ithan Elementary School, 695 Clyde Rd 4.4 miles
YMCA of the Upper Main Line, 1416 Berwyn Paoli Road 4.4 miles
Bob Holland Park, 101-199 Evergreen Ln 4.7 miles
Clem Macrone Park, Rockingham Rd 4.7 miles
Swedelanf Road Playground, 709 Swedeland Rd 5.1 miles
Fire Department, 103 School Ln 5.2 miles
Bearhill Road, Bearhill Rd 5.2 miles
Licia Drive, Licia Dr 5.2 miles
Newton Public Library, 756-798 Ellis Ave 5.2 miles
Crawford Park, Schuykill River Trail 5.3 miles
Marple Leisure Center, 20 Media Line Road 5.3 miles
Schuylkill River Court, Schuylkill River Trail 5.4 miles
St. Aloysius Academy, South Bryn Mawr Avenue 5.5 miles
Swedeland Park, B St 5.5 miles
Church Street Court, 317 Church St 5.7 miles
Lower Perkiomen Valley Park, Perkiomen Trail 5.7 miles
Prospect Park, 63 South Warner Avenue 5.8 miles
Worrall Elementary School, Highland Ave 5.8 miles
Cherry Street, Cherry St 5.9 miles
Woodbine Street Courts, 36 Woodbine Avenue 5.9 miles
Arch St / Oak St, 700 Arch St 6.1 miles
Markley Park, 121 Plowshare Rd 6.1 miles
Treemont Park, Piazza St 6.1 miles
Sterigere Park, W Sterigere St 6.2 miles
East Sterigere Park, W Sterigere St 6.3 miles
Wood Street Playground, 104 Wood St 6.4 miles
General Wayne Junior High School, 20 Devon Rd 6.6 miles
Dayton Road, Dayton Rd 6.7 miles
Langford Park, Langford Rd 6.8 miles
Preston Park, Martin Ave 6.8 miles
Elm Street, 236 E Elm St 6.9 miles
Colwell Park, 1340 Hillcrest Rd 7 miles
Sutcliff Park, 903 Wood St 7 miles
School Court, School Ln 7.1 miles
Haverford School, Lancaster Ave 7.2 miles
Eskie Park, 2917 Soni Dr 7.3 miles
East Norritown Township Park, Cdp Boundary 7.4 miles
Sweetgum Court, 2020 Sweetgum Ln 7.4 miles
Paul Fly Elementary School, 2920 Potshop Rd 7.5 miles
Westgate Hills Park, Oxford Hill Ln 7.6 miles
Cole Manor Elementary School, 2350 Springview Rd 7.7 miles
Library Court, 200-334 S Warren Ave 7.8 miles
Old Lincoln Highway, 200 Old Lincoln Hwy 7.8 miles
Spring Avenue, 101-149 W Spring Ave 7.9 miles
Sproul Road, Sproul Rd 7.9 miles
Ardmore Junction Station, 2599 Wynnefield Dr 8 miles
Conshohocken Arts Center, 100 Cedar Grove Road 8.2 miles
Haverford Park, Haverford Heritage Trail (proposed) 8.2 miles
St Titus Elementary School, 2928 Scenic Rd 8.2 miles
Manoa Elementary School, S Eagle Rd 8.3 miles
Plymouth Elementary School, 542 Plymouth Road 8.4 miles
Steel Road Park, Steel Rd 8.4 miles
Washington Ave, 529 Washington Ave 8.4 miles
Gladwyne Park, 929 Youngs Ford Rd 8.5 miles
Sugartown Elementary School, 611 Sugartown Rd 8.5 miles
1st Ave, 1st Ave 8.6 miles
Ridge Pike Court, 29 E Ridge Pike 8.6 miles
Schuylkill Elementary School, 350-398 Russell Road 8.6 miles
Carson Street, Carson St 8.8 miles
Plymouth Firehouse Court, 902 Germantown Pike 8.8 miles
South Ardmore Park, Sussex Rd 8.8 miles
The Walden School, 901 North Providence Road 8.8 miles
Pontiac Road, Pontiac Rd 8.9 miles
Rolling Green Park, 621 W Rolling Rd 8.9 miles
Annunciation School, 421 Brookline Boulevard 9 miles
Priscilla Playground, 95 Priscilla Rd 9.1 miles
Morris Park, Hawley St 9.3 miles
Dermond Recreation Area, Harper Ave 9.4 miles
Jane Lownes Park, Kennerly Rd 9.4 miles
Powder Mill, Powder Mill Ln 9.4 miles
Barrall Community Park, 151-199 East State Street 9.6 miles
Shepard Drive, 1045 Shepard Dr 9.6 miles
Yost Road, 1722 Yost Rd 9.6 miles
Colonial Elementary School, 230 Flourtown Road 9.7 miles
Community Park, 120 West 4th Avenue 9.7 miles
Grange Field, Grove Pl 9.7 miles
Mermaid Lake, 1035 Shepard Dr 9.8 miles
Charlestown Elementary School, 2060 Charlestown Road 9.9 miles
Jolly Road, 1177 Jolly Rd 9.9 miles
Scenic Hills Elementary School, 235 Hillview Drive 9.9 miles
Har Jehuda, 2434 Stoneybrook Ln 10 miles
Library Court, S Brookside Rd 10 miles
Miles Park, Germantown Pike 10 miles

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