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Basketball Courts near San Pedro

Name Distance Rating
Adelina II-A Covered Basketball Court, Cattleya 0.5 miles
Laguna de Bay 2.8 miles
Mutual Homes Basketball Court, Dalton Pass 3.4 miles
Plaza Basketball Court, 46 Block 32 3.5 miles
Brent Drive Court 4.3 miles
Diamond Basketball Court, Turquoise St 4.3 miles
Mamplasan, Molave E Dr 4.3 miles
San Simon Basketball Court, India St 4.4 miles
West Basketball Court, Norway St 4.5 miles
City Holmes Sampaloc 5.2 miles
Orient Drive Court, Orient Dr 5.3 miles
Simbahan ng Hesus Nazareno, NTS st 5.4 miles
Alabang Hills, Legaspi 5.9 miles
Ciudad Grande Basketball Court, Ciudad Grande Subdivision 5.9 miles
Dahlzzette Court 5.9 miles
Teofilo Sison, Teofilo Sison 6.2 miles
San Augustin Basketball Court 6.4 miles
GAHA, Domingo Poblete 1020 6.5 miles
Golden City Court, Entrance to Golden City Subdivision 6.6 miles
Salome Tan, Salome Tan 6.6 miles
Southland Classic, Southland Ave 7 6.7 miles
Menlo 6.8 miles
Montessori de Manila, Pablo Roman 73 6.8 miles
The Clubhouse, Centro Road 6.9 miles
BF Classic, Jose Villaroman 7 miles
Village Sports Club Basketball Court, El Grande Avenue corner Tropical Avenue, BF Homes, Las Piñas 7.2 miles
Richfield Basketball Court, Diamond St 7.5 miles
Addas Covered Court, Rochas St 7.6 miles
CH2 Covered Court, Cherry Cir 7.6 miles
CH4 Basketball Court, Aquarius 7.6 miles
Area 3 Court, 8th Street 7.7 miles
CH1 Basketball Court, A. Bonifacio 7.7 miles
Webb, A Aguirre 296 7.7 miles
CVHA Court, Casimiro Ave. 7.8 miles
Copper Basketball Court, Lead 7.9 miles
Darwin, Olympus Dr 7.9 miles
Greentown Village Basketball Court 7.9 miles
Lyceum, Olympus Dr 7.9 miles
San Jose Sabang Basketball Court, Looban Rd 7.9 miles
Greenplain Basketball Court, Bark St 8 miles
Parkdale 2 Basketball Court, St Martin St 8.2 miles
Parkdale S. Basketball Court, Sundale 8.2 miles
Silver Homes 2 Basketball Court, Virgo 8.3 miles
Perpetual Basketball Court, Begonia St 8.4 miles
Harmony Basketball Court, Harmony 8.5 miles
PV 4 Basketball Court, Pearl 8.5 miles
Marcelo Green Village court, 7194 Marcelo Avenue 8.8 miles
2-B Basketball Court, Virgo 8.9 miles
Moonville Court, Bougainville 9.4 miles
Sun Valley Court, State Avenue 9.7 miles

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