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No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 29° F


68 %


Light Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
07:19 AM


Time until Sunset
10:16 hrs

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Basketball courts near Pioneer Park

Name Distance Rating
Old Pond Park, N Winfield Rd 4 miles
Sesquicentennial Park, 29W150 Warrenville Road 4 miles
East Side Sports Complex, 3565 Legacy Blvd 4.4 miles
McCaslin Park, 27W430 North Ave 4.4 miles
Cemy Park, 4S015 Warren Ave 4.9 miles
Du Page Courts, Du Page Pkwy 5 miles
Jaycee Park, 1001 Hill Road 5 miles
Spring Trail, 1360 West Army Trail Road 5.6 miles
Woodlake Park, 1247-1265 Woodlake Drive 5.7 miles
Hawk Hollow Elementary School, 201-235 Jacaranda Drive 5.8 miles
Kent Park, Heritage Lake Path 5.9 miles
Life Time Fitness, 28141 Diehl Rd 5.9 miles
Wayne Elementary School, 32W140 Glos Street 5.9 miles
Sunset Park, 827-949 West Struckman Boulevard 6.2 miles
Ancient Oaks Park, 1167 Ancient Oaks Court 6.4 miles
East Harbor, 2052 Mallard Lane 6.4 miles
Armstrong Park, 580 Hiawatha Drive 6.5 miles
Prarieview Elementary School, 1400 Beaumont Circle 6.5 miles
Sunrise Park, The Bartlett Trail 6.5 miles
Cress Creek Park, 1324 Royal St George Dr 6.6 miles
Nike Sports Complex, 47TH Villa Ave 6.6 miles
Pastoral Lane, 1881 Pastoral Lane 6.7 miles
Sycamore Trails Elementary School, 1025 Sycamore Lane 6.8 miles
North Side Park, 1310 N Main St 7.2 miles
Apple Orchard, 728-746 Stearns Road 7.2 miles
Hampe Park Basketball Court, 297 E Lies Road 7.2 miles
Arrowhead Park, Chippewa Dr 7.4 miles
Wil-O-Way Park, S Birchwood Dr 7.4 miles
Centennial Elementary School, 886-892 South Prospect Avenue 7.5 miles
Discovery Park, 1802 Whitney Drive 7.5 miles
Winding Creek Commons, 859 Francine Drive 7.6 miles
Horizon Elementary School, 5497 Ridge Crossing 8.3 miles
Liberty Elementary School, 140 Crystal Lane 8.3 miles
Trail Ends Park, 970-974 Longford Road 8.3 miles
Greenbook Elementary School, 5540 Arlington Drive East 8.4 miles
May Watts Basketball Court, 800 S Whispering Hills Dr 8.4 miles
Seager Park, 1155 Plank Rd 8.4 miles
Cowlishaw, 2513 Fort Hill Dr 8.5 miles
Nature Ridge Elementary School, 1915-1937 Westridge Boulevard 8.5 miles
Newport Park, Harbor Terrace 8.5 miles
River Bend Community Park, 6N517 Geneva Avenue 8.6 miles
Bartlett Elementary School, 122 South Elroy Avenue 8.7 miles
Heritage Park, Mallard Lake Trail 8.7 miles
East Greens Park, S White Oak Dr 8.8 miles
Ontarioville Elementary School, 2155 Maple Avenue 9.2 miles
Camera Park, Elizabeth St 9.3 miles
Hanover Park Community Park, 1800-1998 Maple Avenue 9.3 miles
Lincoln Park, Villa Ave 9.3 miles
Rivers Edge Reserve Park, 4322 Prairie Crossing Drive 9.3 miles
Siems Park, 2022 Cardinal Dr 9.4 miles
The Oaks Court, 4051 Club Tree Dr 9.4 miles
Riley's Run, 650 Lambert Lane 9.5 miles
River Ridge Park, 634-650 Hancock Avenue 9.5 miles
Village Green Park, 238-296 Orchard Ln 9.5 miles
Meadowbrook Park, 1259 Birchdale Ln 9.6 miles
Placid Ave Court, 162 Placid Ave 9.6 miles
Lacy Park, 717 Lacy Avenue 9.7 miles
Lions Park, 500 Fulton Street 9.7 miles
Walnut Corner Park, 768 Crab Tree Lane 9.7 miles
Springfield Park, Springfield Drive 9.8 miles
Steeple Run, 6S151 Steeple Run Drive 9.8 miles
Clinton Elementary School, 701 East Main Street 9.9 miles
Parkwood Elementary School, 2064 Hollywood Court 9.9 miles
Black Hawk School, 2101 Gladstone Drive 10 miles

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