1. United States
  2. Seattle, WA
  3. 6700-6998 12th Ave SW

Riverview Playfield



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Moderate rain


Max 45° F


81 %


Light Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
03:59 AM


Time until Sunrise
03:00 hrs

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Basketball courts near Riverview Playfield

Name Distance Rating
Seattle Community College, 16the Ave SW 0.5 miles
E.C. Hughes Playground, 2851-2899 Southwest Holden Street 1.5 miles
Delridge Playfield, 2400-2498 SW Alaska St 1.8 miles
Georgetown Playfield, 700 South Homer Street 2.1 miles
Lakewood Park, 11155-11199 5th Ave SW 2.6 miles
Jefferson Park, 3795-3891 Beacon Avenue South 3.5 miles
Van Asselt Playground, 2801-2861 South Frontenac Street 3.7 miles
John C. Little, Sr. Park, 7226-7278 South Holly Park Drive 4.4 miles
Brighton Playfield, 6024-6178 39th Avenue South 4.6 miles
Benefit Playground, 9300-9398 38th Avenue South 4.7 miles
Colman Playground, 1743-1799 24th Avenue South 4.7 miles
John Muir Elementary School, 3301-3399 34th Avenue South 4.7 miles
Rainier Playfield, 3633-3699 South Oregon Street 4.7 miles
Alki Playground, 5817 Southwest Lander Street 4.8 miles
Rainer Community Center, 4600 38th Avenue South 4.8 miles
Othello Playground, 4418 South Othello Street 5 miles
Connolly Center, E Cherry St 5.3 miles
Denny Park, 2300-2348 9th Ave 5.5 miles
Flo Ware Park, 312 28th Avenue South 5.5 miles
Cal Anderson Park, Nagle Pl 5.7 miles
Barnet Park, 327 29th Ave 5.8 miles
Cascade Playground, 1205 Harrison St 5.8 miles
Kerry Park, 1101-1199 2nd Ave W 6.2 miles
Madrona Playground, 901-1099 34th Ave 6.4 miles
Hutchinson Playground, 5801-5899 S Pilgrim St 6.4 miles
John Hay Elementary School, 201 Garfield St 6.4 miles
Pendleton Miller Playfield, 300 19th Avenue East 6.4 miles
Prentis I. Frazier Park, 2300 East Harrison Street 6.6 miles
East Queen Anne Playground, 151-199 Newton Street 6.7 miles
Queen Anne Elementary School, 411 Boston St 6.7 miles
Coe Elementary School, 2424 7th Ave W 7 miles
Montlake Indoor Court, 618 E Calhoun St 7.6 miles
Montlake Outdoor Court, Montlake Playfield 7.6 miles
Aubrey Davis Park, 2030 72nd Ave SE 8 miles
BF Day Park, 4032-4098 Fremont Ave N 8 miles
Skyway Park, 68th Ave S 8 miles
Hec Edmunson Pavilion, Walla Walla Rd 8.4 miles
Christie Park, 801-899 Northeast 43rd Street 8.5 miles
IMA Courts, 3924 Montlake Blvd NE 8.5 miles
Meridian Playground, 4858-4898 Meridian Avenue North 8.7 miles
Ballard Courts, 1463-1477 Northwest 58th Street 9.2 miles
Ravenna Park, 5899 16th Avenue Northeast 9.6 miles
Green Lake Park, Seattle Parks and Recreation Service Rd. 9.8 miles
Salmon Bay School, 6701-6733 18th Ave NW 9.8 miles
Ravenna-Eckstein Park, 6517 Ravenna Avenue Northeast 9.9 miles

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