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Current Conditions


Few clouds


Max 76° F


17 %


Moderate Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
04:13 PM


Time until Sunset
01:34 hrs

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Basketball courts near Cholla Cove Park

Name Distance Rating
Sweetwater Park, 4215 E Andora Dr 1.1 miles
Roadrunner Park, Cactus Rd & 36th St. 1.2 miles
Indian Bend Park, 3633 E Thunderbird Rd 1.7 miles
Mercury Mine, 9640 North 28th Street 2.4 miles
Christy Cove Outdoor Courts, 11875 N 24th St 2.7 miles
Sereno Park, 5858 E Sweetwater Ave 2.7 miles
East Cheryl Drive, 2349 E Cheryl Dr 3 miles
Paradose Cove Park, 3831-3899 E Paradise Ln 3 miles
East Paradise Lane, 16231 N 38th Way 3.1 miles
Palomino Park, 15675 N 30th St 3.3 miles
Crossed Arrows Streetball Courts, E Hillery Dr 3.4 miles
Desert Horizons Park Outdoor Court, 16002 N 56th St 3.4 miles
N Invergordon Road, 6402 E El Maro Cir 3.9 miles
North Ranch Elementary School, 16406 N 61st Pl 4.2 miles
Paradise Valley Park 4.3 miles
North Mountain Baptist Church, 10202 N Cave Creek Rd 4.4 miles
Cactus Park, 12201-12639 N Scottsdale Rd (& Cactus Rd) 4.5 miles
Madison Heights Elementary School, 7150 N 22nd St 4.6 miles
Sumida Park Court, 1809 E Gardenia Ave 4.8 miles
Palma Park Courts, N 12th St 4.9 miles
Holy Trinity Academy, 1973 East Maryland Ave 5.4 miles
Buffalo Ridge Park, 18748-18876 Rockwood Dr 5.9 miles
Buffalo Ridge Outdoor Courts, 19250 N 16th St 6.1 miles
Kiva Elementary School, 6911 East McDonald Drive 6.2 miles
Madison School, 5627 N 16th St 6.3 miles
Mountain View Park, 9810-9830 North 7th Avenue 6.4 miles
Northsight Park, 8400 East Thunderbird Road 6.5 miles
Mountain View Park, Mountain View Rd & 86th St. 6.6 miles
Moon Valley Park, W Coral Gables Dr 6.7 miles
N 9th Ave & W Why Worry Ln, N 9th Ave 6.7 miles
Cashman Park, 22234 N 44th Pl 6.8 miles
Shoshone park, 7184 N Vía De Amigos 6.8 miles
Comanche Park, 7643 N Vía Del Elemental 7 miles
Scottsdale Sports Complex, Orange Trail 7 miles
Hayden Park, 6251-6499 N Apartment 7.1 miles
Arcadia Park Courts, 5338 E Mitchell Dr 7.2 miles
Zuni Park, 7243 N Vía Elemental 7.2 miles
Loma Linda School, 2002 East Clarendon Ave 7.5 miles
Thunderbird Park, 9170 East Thunderbird Road 7.5 miles
North Hills Church Gymnasium, 15026 N 15th Dr 7.6 miles
Grayhawk Park, 20624 North 76th Street 7.7 miles
Chaparral Park, E Starlight Way 7.8 miles
Saint Theresa Indoor Courts, 2818 N 51st St 7.8 miles
St Theresa Catholic Church, 5045 E Thomas Road 7.8 miles
East Apartment, East Apartment 7.9 miles
Perry Park, 2601-2699 North 31st Street 7.9 miles
Thompson Peak Park, 21 North 78th Place 7.9 miles
Agua Linda Park, 8732 East McDonald Drive 8.1 miles
Aqua Linda Park, 8732 E McDonald Dr 8.1 miles
East Jackrabbit Road, 8400-8598 East Jackrabbit Road 8.1 miles
Paiute Park Court, 3124 N 66th St 8.2 miles
Cave Creek Park, W Rue De Lamour Ave 8.3 miles
Horizon Park, 15507-15527 North 100th Street 8.3 miles
Lutheran Church of the Master, W Cactus Rd 8.3 miles
Cave Greek Park, 14421 N 23rd Ave 8.4 miles
Cavecreek Park, N 25th Ave 8.4 miles
Rose Mofford Sports Complex, 9833 N 25th Ave 8.4 miles
Cave Creek Park Court, 2520 W Cholla St 8.5 miles
Horizon Park Court, 15261-15417 N 100th St 8.5 miles
SAR Club - Indoor, E Camelback Rd 8055 8.5 miles
Indian School Park, 4258 N 81st St 8.6 miles
Aztec Park, 13636 North 100th Street 8.7 miles
Osborn Middle School, N 11th Ave 8.7 miles
Pioneer Park Outdoor Courts, 1946 W Morningside Dr 8.7 miles
Solano Park Outdoor Court, 5625 N 17th Ave 8.7 miles
Chestnut Park, 4525 N Granite Reef Rd 8.8 miles
Morningside Park Outdoor Courts, W Morningside Dr 8.8 miles
Virginia Park, 1515 East Cambridge Avenue 8.8 miles
Ironwood Park, 18650 North 94th Street 8.9 miles
St Agnes Parochial School, 2301-2323 East Palm Lane 8.9 miles
John Teets Park, 4350-4378 East Ramuda Drive 9 miles
Sonoran Hills Park, 22958-23122 East Williams Drive 9 miles
Washington Park, N 23rd Ave 9 miles
Desert Canyon Middle School, 10203 East McDowell Mountain Ranch Road 9.1 miles
Scottsdale Ranch Park, 10400 E Vía Linda 9.1 miles
Sweetwater Court, N Metro North Corporate Park 9.1 miles
Deer Valley Park, 2001 W Wahalla Ln 9.2 miles
Laguna Elementary School, 10393-10439 East Lakeview Drive 9.2 miles
Orangewood Church Outdoor Court, W Orangewood Ave 9.3 miles
David Crockett School, N 36th St 9.4 miles
Coronado Park, 1815 N 12th St 9.5 miles
Cortez High School, 8710 N 31st Ave 9.6 miles
El Dorado Park, 2300-2348 N 77th St (& McDowell) 9.6 miles
Willow Park, 2929 E Fillmore St 9.6 miles
Country Gable Park Outdoor Court, 3220 W Banff Ln 9.7 miles
Emerson Elementary School, 915 E Palm Ln 9.7 miles
Monterey Park, 350 E Oak St 9.7 miles
Edison Park, E Garfield St 9.8 miles
Pera Club, 1 East Continental Dr 9.8 miles
Supai Middle School, 1100 N 68th St 9.8 miles
Cortez Park, 9023 N 35th Ave 9.9 miles
Mariposa Park, 3144-3298 W Morten Ave 9.9 miles
Pima Park, 8600 E Thomas Rd 10 miles

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