1. United States
  2. Pasadena, CA
  3. 1034-1098 Morton Ave

Robinson Park



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Surface Type

No. of Hoops

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Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 54° F


66 %


Light Air

Local Time

Local Time
11:36 PM


Time until Sunrise
07:20 hrs

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Basketball courts near Robinson Park

Name Distance Rating
Villa Parke Community Center, 500-634 N Garfield Ave 0.8 miles
Art Center College of Design, Art Center Parking Lot 2.3 miles
Jefferson Park, 1505-1571 E Villa St 2.3 miles
Grant Park, 232 S Michigan Ave 2.4 miles
La Canada High School, 4401-4455 Oak Grove Dr 2.6 miles
Loma Alta Park, 3648 North Sunset Ridge Road 2.7 miles
LA County Farnsworth Park, 568 E Mt Curve Ave 2.8 miles
Marshall Fundamental School, 1075 Tierra Alta Dr 2.8 miles
Arroyo Park, 930-1014 San Pascual Avenue 3.3 miles
Orange Grove Park, 925-941 Mission St 3.4 miles
Pasadena Town & Country School, 2405 E Del Mar Blvd 3.8 miles
South Pasadena High School Courts, Diamond Ave 3.8 miles
South Pasadena Middle School Courts, 1719 Bank St 3.8 miles
Highland Park, 6111-6139 N Figueroa St 4.3 miles
Yosemite Rec Center, 4705-4799 La Roda Avenue 4.4 miles
St. Therese School, 515 N Vega St 4.6 miles
Alhambra Park, 203-205 N Raymond Ave 4.8 miles
Eaton Blanche Park, 3060 E Del Mar Blvd 4.8 miles
La Cañada Elementary School, 1231 Foothill Boulevard 4.8 miles
Park Elementary School, 301 N Marengo Ave 4.8 miles
Occidental Courts, Indoor & Outdoor, Athletic Facility 5 miles
Granada Elementary School, Granada Elementary School 5.2 miles
Washington School, 211-215 West Hermosa Drive 5.2 miles
Glendale Community College, Campus Way 5.3 miles
S 4th Street Courts, 310 W Commonwealth Ave 5.4 miles
Verdugo Park, 1559 Canada Blvd 5.4 miles
Montrose Park, 3501 Clifton Place 5.6 miles
San Gabriel High School, 801 S Ramona St 5.7 miles
Smith Park, 307 S San Marino Ave 5.7 miles
Almansor Park, 700-800 S Almansor St 5.8 miles
Montecito Heights Court, Arroyo Seco Bike Path 5.9 miles
Baldwin Elementary School, 801-899 E Adams Ave 6 miles
Emmaus Lutheran School, E Los Higos St 6 miles
Nibley Park, 1322 Rossmoyne Ave 6 miles
Fremont Elementary School, 2001 Elm St 6.4 miles
Roosevelt Middle School, 363 South Del Loma Avenue 6.5 miles
Glassell Park Indoor Gym, 3650 Verdugo Road 6.6 miles
Glassell Park Outdoor Court, 2701-2799 Crestmoore Place 6.6 miles
Maple Park, 802 E Maple St 6.7 miles
LA Leadership Academy, 234 E Ave 6.9 miles
St. Thomas More School, 2514 South Fremont Avenue 6.9 miles
Mark Keppel High School, 635-699 E Hellman Ave 7 miles
Lincoln High, 2400-2556 Alta St 7.1 miles
Cypress Recreation Center, Pepper Ave 7.3 miles
Rio de Los Angeles State Park, 2002-2098 N San Fernando Rd 7.3 miles
La Crescenta Elementary School, 4343 La Crescenta Avenue 7.4 miles
City Terrace Elementary School, 4350 City Terrace Dr 7.5 miles
Crescenta Valley High School, 2898 Altura Ave 7.5 miles
Lincoln Park, 3921 Selig Pl 7.5 miles
Sequoia Park, Crest Vista Dr 7.6 miles
Sierra Vista Park, 611 E. Sierra Madre Blvd. 7.7 miles
Encinita Elementary School, 4437-4499 Encinita Avenue 7.8 miles
Henry Alvarez Memorial Park, 1501-1599 Crusado Lane 7.8 miles
Robert F. Kennedy Elementary School, Robert F. Kennedy Elementary School 7.9 miles
Rosemead Park, 4401-4435 Encinita Ave 7.9 miles
Harrison Elementary School, Harrison Elementary School 8 miles
Hazard Park, 2101-2199 Zonal Ave 8 miles
Riverside Court, Riverside Dr 1918 8 miles
Bravo High, 1200 Cornwell St 8.1 miles
Sunnyslopes Park, 1641 Sunnyhill Dr 8.1 miles
Garvey Ranch Park, 701-1099 South Orange Avenue 8.2 miles
Live Oak Park, 5514 Ryland Ave 8.3 miles
Crescenta Valley Park, 3504-3548 Honolulu Ave 8.3 miles
Zapopan Park, 3047 Angelus Ave 8.3 miles
Evergreen Ave Elementary School, 2730 Ganahl St 8.4 miles
Wabash Park, Wabash Park 8.4 miles
William R. Anton Elementary School, 831 N Bonnie Beach Pl 8.4 miles
New York Park, 4550-4598 New York Ave 8.5 miles
Salesian Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles, 943 N Alma Ave 8.5 miles
First Ave School, 301 South 1st Avenue 8.6 miles
Verdant Street, 3900-3960 Verdant Street 8.6 miles
Assumption School, Assumption School 8.7 miles
Belvedere Park, 2371 Vancouver Ave 8.7 miles
Esteban E. Torres High School, 4127 East Cesar E Chavez Avenue 8.7 miles
Our Lady of Guadalupe School, 436 A N Hazard Ave 8.7 miles
Eisenhower Park, 821-847 N 2nd Ave 8.8 miles
Malabar Street Elementary School, Malabar Street Elementary School 8.8 miles
State Street Recreation Center, 1951 Bailey St 8.8 miles
Belvedere Middle School, 312 N Record Ave 8.9 miles
Bridge Street Elementary School, 1601-1675 Bridge St 8.9 miles
Obregon Park, 100-298 N Sunol Dr 8.9 miles
Sheridan Street Elementary School, 333 N Breed St 8.9 miles
Clifford Street Elementary School, 2150 Duane St 9 miles
Marianna Avenue Elementary School, 4215 Gleason St 9 miles
St James, 4635 Dunsmore Ave 9 miles
White Memorial Adventist School, 1605 New Jersey St 9.1 miles
Alpine Recreation Center, 817 Yale St 9.3 miles
Belvedere Elementary School, 101-233 S Eastman Ave 9.3 miles
First Street Elementary School, 2801-2873 E 2nd St 9.3 miles
Gabriella Charter School, 1435 Logan Street 9.3 miles
Silver Lake Rec Center, 2901-2999 Van Pelt Pl 9.3 miles
Breed Street Elementary School, 213-299 S Breed St 9.4 miles
Evergreen Recreation Center, 2900-2924 E 2nd St 9.4 miles
Our Lady of Lourdes School, 3763 E 4th St 9.4 miles
Ramona High School, 230 S Alma Ave 9.4 miles
Utah Street Elementary School, 255 Gabriel Garcia Marquez St 9.4 miles
Pecan Rec Center, 170 S Gless St 9.5 miles
Felicitas And Gonzalo Mendez Learning Center, 1323 E 1st St 9.5 miles
Our Lady of Talpa School, 424 S Savannah St 9.5 miles
Theodore Roosevelt High School, 400-456 S Mathews St 9.5 miles
Bosco Tech, 1007 Rose Glen Avenue 9.6 miles
Fletcher Park, 3444-3498 Fletcher Park Way 9.6 miles
Aliso Pico Rec Center Courts, 370 South Clarence Street 9.7 miles
Griffith Manor Park Court, 707 Ruberta Avenue 9.7 miles
Hollenbeck Middle School, 2600-2698 E 6th St 9.7 miles
Rowan Avenue Elementary School, Rowan Ave. & Princeton St. 9.7 miles
Edward R. Roybal Basketball Courts, 227 N Beaudry Ave 9.9 miles
Euclid Avenue Elementary School, 3012 Guirado St 9.9 miles
Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School, 700-798 Esperanza St 9.9 miles
Boyle Heights Sports Center, 901-933 S Mott St 10 miles
Rio Hondo School, 11451-11499 Wildflower Rd 10 miles
Sunrise Elementary School, 2929 Sunrise St 10 miles

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