1. United States
  2. Naperville, IL
  3. 1416 Muirhead Avenue

Meadow Glens



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Overcast clouds


Max 25° F


85 %


Light Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
03:57 PM


Time until Sunset
00:55 hrs

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Basketball courts near Meadow Glens

Name Distance Rating
Walnut Ridge Park, 2227 University Drive 1.8 miles
Steeple Run, 6S151 Steeple Run Drive 2.5 miles
Indian Boundary, Indian Boundary 2.6 miles
Lincoln Park, Villa Ave 2.7 miles
East Greens Park, S White Oak Dr 2.8 miles
Dupage River Sports Complex, 389-399 N Weber Rd 2.9 miles
Seager Park, 1155 Plank Rd 3.2 miles
Eighty-Third St. Park, 2830 Leawood Ct 3.7 miles
Sixtythird St. Park, 3018 63rd St 3.7 miles
Champions Park, 1587 Firethorn Street 3.9 miles
Lake Charleton Park, 6951 Red Bud Ln 4 miles
Meadows Center Park, 449 Meadows Edge Lane 4.1 miles
Arrowhead Park, Chippewa Dr 4.2 miles
Janes Avenue Park, N Janes Ave 4.5 miles
Pheasant Chase Drive, 300 Pheasant Chase Drive 4.6 miles
Remington Park, 6 Territorial Ct 4.8 miles
Central Park, 201 Recreation Dr 4.9 miles
Nike Sports Complex, 47TH Villa Ave 5 miles
Cress Creek Park, 1324 Royal St George Dr 5.1 miles
May Watts Basketball Court, 800 S Whispering Hills Dr 5.1 miles
Cider Creek Park, 230 Jonathan Way 5.2 miles
Wil-O-Way Park, S Birchwood Dr 5.4 miles
Life Time Fitness, 28141 Diehl Rd 5.7 miles
O'Brien Park, 6905 Dunham Rd 6.2 miles
Cowlishaw, 2513 Fort Hill Dr 6.3 miles
Gilbert Park, 1500 Gilbert Ave 6.5 miles
Ashbury Park, Conan Doyle Rd 6.5 miles
Cemy Park, 4S015 Warren Ave 6.8 miles
McCollum Park, 6821 Main St 6.8 miles
Doerhoefer Park, 4031 Venard Rd 7.5 miles
Village Green Park, 238-296 Orchard Ln 7.5 miles
High Meadow Park, 2748-2798 Hassert Boulevard 7.6 miles
Sesquicentennial Park, 29W150 Warrenville Road 7.8 miles
Heatherstone Park, 2808 Melrose Lane 8.2 miles
Meadowbrook Park, 1259 Birchdale Ln 8.2 miles
Spring Brook Parkway-Cedar Glen, 3643 Monarch Cir 8.5 miles
Champion Creek Park, S Marathon Ln 8.7 miles
Twin Lakes Park, W 59th St 8.9 miles
Centennial Park, Timberline Drive 9 miles
Kiwanis Park, 117 N Williams St 9 miles
North Side Park, 1310 N Main St 9.1 miles
Lindenwood Park, 1113 79th St 9.1 miles
Four Seasons, 140 W 17th St 9.4 miles
McCarthy Court, 1053-1135 McCarthy Road 9.7 miles
Pinewood Park, 8028 Arrow Ln 9.7 miles
Fritz-Werley Park, 430 North Warwick Ave 9.9 miles
Farmingdale Terrace Park, 7737 Sawyer Road 10 miles
Old Pond Park, N Winfield Rd 10 miles
The Park at Plainfield, 11707 Millennium Pkwy 10 miles

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