1. United States
  2. Moraga, CA
  3. 1130 Rimer Dr

Joaquin Moraga IS



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Few clouds


Max 77° F


30 %


Gentle Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
02:46 PM


Time until Sunset
03:12 hrs

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Basketball courts near Joaquin Moraga IS

Name Distance Rating
Camino Pablo Elementary School, 1251-1299 Camino Pablo 0.6 miles
Miramonte High School, Miramonte High School 1.6 miles
St. Mary's College Outdoor Court, Alemany Drive 1.6 miles
Madigan Gym, De La Salle Dr 2 miles
Orinda Intermediate School, Orinda Intermediate School 2.1 miles
Del Rey Elementary School, 25 El Camino Moraga 2.2 miles
Donald Rheem Elementary School, Donald Rheem Elementary School 2.3 miles
Burton Valley Elementary School, Burton Valley Elementary School 3.5 miles
Lafayette Community Center, 578-590 Saint Marys Road 3.6 miles
Glorietta Elementary School, Glorietta Elementary School 3.9 miles
Redwood Heights Rec Center, 39th Ave 4.3 miles
Stanley Middle School, 3455 School Street 4.4 miles
Lafayette Elementary School, 950 Moraga Road 4.5 miles
Concordia Park, Brann St 5.2 miles
Youth Uprising, 8751 MacArthur Blvd 5.2 miles
Meher School, Meher School 5.3 miles
Tice Valley Community Gym, 2055 Tice Valley Blvd 5.4 miles
Arroyo Viejo Rec Center, 7881 Olive St 5.4 miles
Happy Valley Elementary School, 3829 Happy Valley Road 5.5 miles
Allendale Rec Center, 3211 Star Ave 5.6 miles
Verdese Carter Park, 9601-9765 Bancroft Ave 5.7 miles
Brookland Park, 4107 Brookdale Ave 5.9 miles
Acalanes High School, 1200 Pleasant Hill Road 5.9 miles
EOYDC Indoor, 1416 81st Ave 5.9 miles
Springhill Elementary School, Lafayette Ridge Trail 6 miles
Curt Flood Field, 3300 Wilson Pl 6.1 miles
Diamond Park, Canon Ave 6.1 miles
Hampton Courts, 19 La Salle Avenue 6.1 miles
Parkmead Elementary School, 1920 Magnolia Way 6.1 miles
Piedmont Sports Field, 19 La Salle Ave 6.1 miles
Rainbow Indoor/Outdoor, 1435 Seminary Ave 6.3 miles
Elmhurst Park, 9627 B St 6.4 miles
Roosevelt Playground, 818-836 Dutton Ave 6.4 miles
Tassa, 975 85th Ave 6.4 miles
Dalewood Park, 428-454 Dalewood Dr 6.5 miles
Coliseum Gardens, 6601-6899 Olmstead St 6.6 miles
McCartney Park, 401-473 Breed Ave 6.6 miles
San Leandro Veterans Building, 1105 Bancroft Ave 6.8 miles
Stonehurst Rec Center, 10203 E St 6.8 miles
Las Lomas High School, 1460 South Main Street 6.9 miles
Murwood Elementary School, Murwood Elementary School 6.9 miles
Rancho Romero Elementary School, 184 Hemme Avenue 7.1 miles
St Theresa School, 4850 Clarewood Dr 7.1 miles
Hillcrest Elementary School, Romany Road 7.2 miles
Walnut Creek Christian Academy, Walnut Creek Christian Academy 7.2 miles
Buena Vista Elementary School, 2400 Buena Vista Avenue 7.3 miles
Contra Costa Gospel Church, 1831 Alvarado Avenue 7.3 miles
Wagner Ranch Court, Wagner Ranch 7.3 miles
Alamo Elementary School, 135 Wilson Road 7.4 miles
McKinley Playground, 2150 E 14th St 7.4 miles
Contra Costa Christian School, 2721 Larkey Lane 7.6 miles
Sleepy Hollow School, 20 Washington Lane 7.6 miles
Walnut Creek Intermediate School, Walnut Creek Intermediate School 7.7 miles
Rudgear Park, 2202-2298 Stewart Avenue 7.8 miles
150th Ave Park, 2119 150th Avenue 7.9 miles
Brookwood Park, Brookwood Park 7.9 miles
Stone Valley Middle School, 2989-2999 Miranda Avenue 7.9 miles
Anthony Chabot Elementary School, Anthony Chabot Elementary School 8 miles
Walnut Heights Elementary School, 4064 Walnut Boulevard 8 miles
Pleasant Hill Elementary School, Pleasant Hill Elementary School 8.1 miles
San Antonio Park, 1630-1698 16th Ave 8.1 miles
San Antonio Park, 16th Ave 8.1 miles
Far West School, 5263 Broadway Terrace 8.2 miles
Livorna Park, 2615 Miranda Avenue 8.2 miles
Ashford Ct & Oak Rd, Ashford Ct 8.3 miles
Del Amigo Continuation High School, 189 Del Amigo Road 8.3 miles
John Muir Elementary School, John Muir School Park 8.3 miles
Lourdes Church, 500-520 Boden Way 8.3 miles
Villas Banks, Marchbanks Dr Between Ygnacio Valley Rd 8.3 miles
Lincoln Park, 3223 Central Ave 8.4 miles
Edison Elementary School, 1600-1624 Pearl St 8.4 miles
Smith Park, 1933-1999 Park Blvd 8.4 miles
Castro Valley Community Center, 18988 Lake Chabot Road 8.5 miles
Claremont Middle School, Claremont Middle School 8.5 miles
Indian Valley Elementary School, Indian Valley Elementary School 8.5 miles
St. Isidore School, 455 La Gonda Way 8.6 miles
Bayfair 24 hr fitness 8.7 miles
Coast Guard Island Gym, Campbell Blvd 8.7 miles
Emerson Elementary School, Emerson Elementary School 8.7 miles
Lincoln Middle School, 1250 Fernside Blvd 8.7 miles
McKinley Park, 1801-1851 Walnut St 8.7 miles
Montair Elementary School, 302-362 Quinnterra Lane 8.7 miles
Seven Hills School, 975 North San Carlos Drive 8.7 miles
Heather Farm Park, 1700-1798 Heather Drive 8.8 miles
Emerson Elementary School, 4801 Lawton Ave 8.9 miles
Pleasant Hill Education Center, 1 Santa Barbara Rd 8.9 miles
Rodgers-Smith Park, 726 Grayson Rd 8.9 miles
Otis Elementary School, 3010 Fillmore St 9 miles
48th Street Courts, 427-461 48th St 9.1 miles
Alameda Highschool, Central Ave 2200 9.1 miles
Christ the King Catholic School, Christ the King Catholic School 9.1 miles
Mosswood Park, Webster Street 9.1 miles
St. Augustine, 431 65th St 9.1 miles
Washington Manor Park, 877 Devonshire Ave 9.1 miles
Harbor Bay Club, 198 Packet Landing Rd 9.2 miles
Henry Haight Elementary School, 2025 Santa Clara Ave 9.2 miles
People´s Park, 2506-2556 Haste St 9.2 miles
Peralta Park, 1199 1st Ave 9.2 miles
Sequoia Elementary School, Sequoia Elementary School 9.2 miles
Willard Middle School, Willard Middle School 9.2 miles
Earhart Elementary School, 400 Packet Landing Rd 9.3 miles
Sequoia Middle School, 291 Boyd Rd 9.3 miles
Bushrod Park, 580 59th St 9.4 miles
Sankofa Academy, Sankofa Academy 9.4 miles
Strandwood Elementary School, 1950 Westover Dr 9.4 miles
Godfrey Park, 261-299 Beach Rd 9.5 miles
Golden Hills Park, 500 Sherree Drive 9.5 miles
LeConte Elementary School, LeConte Elementary School 9.5 miles
Bancroft Elementary School, 1385 Carriage Drive 9.6 miles
Grove Shafter Park, 3408 Martin Luther King Jr Way 9.6 miles
Pleasant Hill Park, 147 Gregory Ln 9.6 miles
Scottsdale Hoops, 00 Walnut Ave 9.6 miles
St Joseph's Elementary School, 1011 Chestnut St 9.6 miles
The Dog Park, 3600-3644 Martin Luther King Jr Way 9.6 miles
Lincoln Park, 251-299 11th St 9.7 miles
UC Berkeley Recreational Sports Facility 9.7 miles
Littlejohn Park, 1301 Buena Vista Ave 9.8 miles
Canyon Middle School, 19602 Cull Canyon Road 9.8 miles
Fair Oaks Elementary School, 2400 Lisa Lane 9.8 miles
Leydecker Park, 3225 Mecartney Rd 9.8 miles
Franklin Park, 1400-1598 San Antonio Ave 9.9 miles
Vista Grande Elementary School, 821 Richard Lane 9.9 miles
Grove Playground, 2828-2898 Martin Luther King Jr Way 10 miles
John Baldwin Elementary School, 194 Paraiso Drive 10 miles
Walnut Acres Elementary School, 180 Cerezo Drive 10 miles

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