1. United States
  2. Miami, FL
  3. SW 44th Ln

Lakes of the Meadow Park



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 56° F


66 %


Moderate Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
01:37 AM


Time until Sunrise
05:05 hrs

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Basketball courts near Lakes of the Meadow Park

Name Distance Rating
Bird Lakes Park, 14251-14399 SW 48th Ln 1 miles
G. Holmes Braddock Sr. High, SW 145th Ave 1 miles
Kendale Lakes Park, 7850 SW 142nd Ave 2.5 miles
McMillan Park, 12901-13199 SW 62nd St 2.5 miles
Lago Mar Park, 16151 SW 83rd St 2.6 miles
Olympic Park, 8520 SW 152nd Ave 2.6 miles
LA Fitness, 14081 SW 8th Terrace 2.7 miles
Tamiami Lakes Park, 13201-13399 SW 20th St 2.7 miles
SW 152nd St, 15255 SW 96th St 3.2 miles
Hammocks Community Park, 9889 Hammocks Blvd 3.5 miles
Sugarwood Park, 9862 SW 145th Pl 3.6 miles
International Gardens Park, 12357-12399 SW 18th St 3.7 miles
SW 127th Ave Courts, 201-599 SW 128th Ave 3.8 miles
Black Creek Center, 10790 SW 157th Ave 4.1 miles
Chinese Baptist Church, 595 Southwest 124th Avenue 4.1 miles
Concord Park, 11350 SW 32nd St 4.4 miles
Boystown Park, 13934-14000 SW 112th St 4.5 miles
North Trial Park, 780 Northwest 127th Avenue 4.5 miles
Islamic School of Miami, 11699 SW 147th Ave 4.6 miles
FIU Campus Courts, SW 14th St 4.7 miles
Paul W. Bell Middle School, 11800 NW 2nd Street 4.7 miles
Tamiami Park, Southwest 112th Avenue 4.8 miles
Arvida Middle School, 10900 Southwest 127th Avenue 4.9 miles
Parkview Blue Courts, 11150 SW 14th St 4.9 miles
SW 115th Terrace, 13319 SW 117th Ln 5 miles
Sweetwater Youth Center, 11400-11498 SW 2nd St 5 miles
Devon Aire, 10501 Southwest 122nd Avenue 5.1 miles
Panther Apartments, 10750 SW 11th St 5.4 miles
NW 4th St Courts, 11001 NW 4th St 5.6 miles
SW 105th Ave Courts, 1164-1198 SW 105th Ave 5.6 miles
Snapper Creek Park, 10235 SW 84th St 6.1 miles
Miller Park, 5401-5599 SW 95th Ct 6.4 miles
Oak Creek Park, 14401 SW 155th Ave 6.4 miles
Country Walk Dr, 14500-14548 Country Walk Dr 6.6 miles
Rockway Park, 9300-9498 SW 27th St 6.6 miles
Ruben Dario Courts, 9800-9898 NW 4th Terrace 6.7 miles
K-Land Park, 8700 SW 95th Ave 6.9 miles
Pine Shore Park, 10900-11538 SW 126th St 6.9 miles
Bonita Lakes Park, SW 144th St 7.2 miles
LA Fitness (Fontainebleau Boulevard), 9310 Fontainebleau Boulevard 7.2 miles
Leewood Elementary School, 10343 SW 124th St 7.2 miles
Ronald Ehman Park, SW 95th Ave 7.5 miles
Richmond Park, 14450 Monroe St 7.6 miles
Chuck Pezoldt Park, SW 157th Ave 7.8 miles
Tropical Park, Tropical Park 7.9 miles
Continental Park, 8201-8249 SW 102nd St 8.5 miles
S 142nd St, 14238 SW 177th Terrace 8.6 miles
Doral Park, 5342-5480 NW 102nd Ave 8.7 miles
Colonial Drive Park, 15842-15998 Fairway Heights Blvd 8.8 miles
Robert Morgan Vocational Institute, SW 179th Terrace 9.2 miles
Suniland Park, 12800 S Dixie Hwy 9.2 miles
Palmer Park, 6225 SW 69th Ave 9.4 miles
Eureka Park, 11900-11998 SW 184th St 9.6 miles
Robert King, 7305 W Flagler 9.7 miles

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