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No. of Hoops

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Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 80° F


18 %


Light Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
09:57 AM


Time until Sunset
07:54 hrs

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Basketball courts near Hidden Lakes Park

Name Distance Rating
Hidden Valley Elementary School, 500 Glacier Drive 0.3 miles
College Park High School, 181 Viking Dr 1.6 miles
Diablo Valley College, 321 Golf Club Rd 1.6 miles
Morello Park, 132-198 Loire Ct 1.7 miles
Western Career College, 350 Civic Dr 1.7 miles
Golden Hills Park, 500 Sherree Drive 1.8 miles
Morello Park Elementary School, 1200 Morello Park Dr 1.8 miles
Gregory Gardens Elementary School, Gregory Gardens Elementary School 1.9 miles
Valley View Middle School, Valley View Middle School 1.9 miles
Las Juntas Elementary School, 4050 Ellis Rd 2.1 miles
Strandwood Elementary School, 1950 Westover Dr 2.1 miles
Rodgers-Smith Park, 726 Grayson Rd 2.2 miles
Christ the King Catholic School, Christ the King Catholic School 2.3 miles
John Swett Elementary School, John Swett Elementary School 2.3 miles
Mountain View Park, 713 Parkway Dr 2.3 miles
John Muir Elementary School, John Muir Elementary School 2.6 miles
Pleasant Hill Park, 147 Gregory Ln 2.6 miles
Sequoia Elementary School, Sequoia Elementary School 2.8 miles
Sequoia Middle School, 291 Boyd Rd 2.8 miles
Brookwood Park, Brookwood Park 3 miles
Pleasant Hill Elementary School, Pleasant Hill Elementary School 3.2 miles
Floyd L. Marchus School, 2900 Avon Avenue 3.3 miles
Pleasant Hill Education Center, 1 Santa Barbara Rd 3.3 miles
Cambridge Elementary School, 1135 Lacey Lane 3.5 miles
Cappy Ricks Park, 1200 Arreba St 3.5 miles
Fair Oaks Elementary School, 2400 Lisa Lane 3.6 miles
Martinez Jr. High School, 1005 Arreba Street 3.6 miles
Meadow Holmes Park, 1371 Detroit Ave 3.6 miles
Mt. Diablo High School, Mt. Diablo High School 3.6 miles
Contra Costa Christian School, 2721 Larkey Lane 3.9 miles
Saint Catherine of Siena Preschool, 604 Mellus St 3.9 miles
St. Catherine of Siena School, 1100 Estudillo Street 3.9 miles
Glenbrook Middle School, 2351 Olivera Road 4 miles
John Baldwin Park, 2700-2792 Parkside Cir 4.3 miles
Olympic Continuation High School, Olympic Continuation High School 4.3 miles
Holbrook Elementary School, 3333 Ronald Way 4.5 miles
Loma Vista Adult Center, 1219 5th Avenue 4.5 miles
NorCal Courts, 360 Ferry St 4.5 miles
Sun Terrace Elementary School, 2448 Floyd Lane 4.5 miles
Ashford Ct & Oak Rd, Ashford Ct 4.6 miles
Contra Costa Gospel Church, 1831 Alvarado Avenue 4.6 miles
Ygnacio Valley Elementary School, Ygnacio Valley Elementary School 4.6 miles
Buena Vista Elementary School, 2400 Buena Vista Avenue 4.7 miles
Oak Grove Middle School, 2050 Minert Road 4.8 miles
Walnut Creek Christian Academy, Walnut Creek Christian Academy 4.8 miles
Bancroft Elementary School, 1385 Carriage Drive 4.9 miles
Seven Hills School, 975 North San Carlos Drive 4.9 miles
Springhill Elementary School, Lafayette Ridge Trail 5 miles
Acalanes High School, 1200 Pleasant Hill Road 5.1 miles
Wren Elementary School, 3339 Wren Avenue 5.1 miles
Walnut Creek Intermediate School, Walnut Creek Intermediate School 5.2 miles
Heather Farm Park, 1700-1798 Heather Drive 5.3 miles
El Monte Elementary School, 1400 Dina Dr 5.4 miles
Marie Porter Park, 344 Norman Avenue 5.4 miles
Villas Banks, Marchbanks Dr Between Ygnacio Valley Rd 5.4 miles
Ygnacio Valley High School, 755 Oak Grove Road 5.5 miles
Woodside Elementary School, Woodside Elementary School 5.6 miles
Monte Gardens Elementary School, Monte Gardens Elementary School 5.9 miles
Meher School, Meher School 6 miles
St. Agnes School, 1544 Catherine Way 6.1 miles
Valle Verde Elementary School, 3275 Peachwillow Lane 6.1 miles
Happy Valley Elementary School, 3829 Happy Valley Road 6.2 miles
Scottsdale Hoops, 00 Walnut Ave 6.2 miles
Francesca Terrace Park, Francesca Terrace Park 6.3 miles
St. Dominic Elementary School, 444-498 E J St 6.3 miles
Foothill Community Gymnasium, 2775 Cedro Lane 6.4 miles
Walnut Acres Elementary School, 180 Cerezo Drive 6.4 miles
Foothill Middle School, Foothill Middle School 6.5 miles
Lafayette Elementary School, 950 Moraga Road 6.5 miles
Las Lomas High School, 1460 South Main Street 6.5 miles
Liberty High School, 301-399 E J St 6.5 miles
Parkmead Elementary School, 1920 Magnolia Way 6.5 miles
King's Valley Christian School, King's Valley Christian School 6.6 miles
Stanley Middle School, 3455 School Street 6.6 miles
Duncan Graham Park, 45 Vista Grande Ave 6.7 miles
Indian Valley Elementary School, Indian Valley Elementary School 6.7 miles
Snowcloud Ct Park Court, 4457 Snowcloud Court 6.7 miles
Walnut Heights Elementary School, 4064 Walnut Boulevard 6.8 miles
El Dorado Middle School, 1748-1750 West Street 6.9 miles
Robert Semple Elementary School, Robert Semple Elementary School 6.9 miles
Westwood Elementary School, Westwood Elementary School 6.9 miles
Concord High School, 4200 Concord Boulevard 7.1 miles
Murwood Elementary School, Murwood Elementary School 7.1 miles
Dalewood Park, 428-454 Dalewood Dr 7.2 miles
Eagle Peak Montessori, Eagle Peak Montessori 7.2 miles
Tice Valley Community Gym, 2055 Tice Valley Blvd 7.3 miles
Arbolado Park, 3625 Vista Charonoaks 7.3 miles
Tabernacle School, 4380 Concord Boulevard 7.3 miles
Woodhill Park, 1801-1895 Shirley Dr 7.3 miles
North Gate Park, 425 Castle Rock Rd 7.4 miles
Oakbrook Court Park, 4407 Oakbrook Court 7.4 miles
Mountain View Elementary School, Mountain View Elementary School 7.6 miles
Lafayette Community Center, 578-590 Saint Marys Road 7.7 miles
Trails End Single Hoop, 44 Hackney Ln 7.9 miles
Burton Valley Elementary School, Burton Valley Elementary School 8 miles
Mary Farmar Elementary School, 901-919 Military W 8 miles
Rudgear Park, 2202-2298 Stewart Avenue 8.2 miles
Sliverwood Park Hoops, Claycord Avenue 8.2 miles
Benicia High School, 60-98 Denfield Ave 8.3 miles
Frank Skilman Park, 304-340 Rose Dr 8.3 miles
Waters End Park, 500 McAllister Dr 8.5 miles
Clayton Valley Charter High School, 1101 Alberta Way 8.6 miles
Alamo Elementary School, 135 Wilson Road 8.8 miles
Donald Rheem Elementary School, Donald Rheem Elementary School 8.8 miles
Rio Vista Elementary School, Rio Vista Elementary School 8.8 miles
Glorietta Elementary School, Glorietta Elementary School 8.9 miles
Matthew Turner Elementary School, 182 Dempsey Drive 8.9 miles
Ayers Elementary School, 5120 Myrtle Drive 9 miles
Castle Rock, 700 Castle Rock Rd 9 miles
Jack London Park, Jack London Park 9 miles
Joe Henderson Elementary School, 652-682 Hastings Dr 9 miles
Sleepy Hollow School, 20 Washington Lane 9 miles
Livorna Park, 2615 Miranda Avenue 9.2 miles
Pacifica Ave Courts, Pacifica Ave 9.3 miles
Highlands Elementary School, 1326 Pennsylvania Boulevard 9.5 miles
Madigan Gym, De La Salle Dr 9.5 miles
Orinda Intermediate School, Orinda Intermediate School 9.7 miles
Pine Hollow Middle School, Pine Hollow Middle School 9.7 miles
St. Mary's College Outdoor Court, Alemany Drive 9.7 miles
Stone Valley Middle School, 2989-2999 Miranda Avenue 9.7 miles
Wagner Ranch Court, Wagner Ranch 9.8 miles
Lynbrook Park, 113 Shellie Ct 10 miles

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