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Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 28° F


53 %


Light Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
08:02 AM


Time until Sunset
09:44 hrs

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Basketball courts near Sandtrap Park

Name Distance Rating
Lower Macungie Elementary School, 6043 Lower Macungie Rd 0.5 miles
Eagle St & Kart Dr, 1157 Eagle St 0.7 miles
Sauerkraut Playground, 5899 Wayside Dr 1 miles
Wescosville Elementary School, 1064 Liberty Lane 1.1 miles
The Hillside School, 2697 Brookside Road 1.3 miles
Goor Street Court, 6806 Goor St 1.6 miles
Lower Macungie Park, 3400 Brookside Rd 1.8 miles
Manzanita Drive, 6373 Manzanita Dr 1.8 miles
Wild Cherry Lane, Wild Cherry Ln 1.8 miles
Pioneer Drive, Pioneer Dr 1.9 miles
Church Lane Park, Church Ln 2.2 miles
Snowberry Playground, Snowberry Dr 2.2 miles
Rodale County Park, Riverbend Rd 2.3 miles
Memorial Park, Railroad Alley 2.4 miles
Scenic View Park, 7100 Scenic View Dr 2.7 miles
Shoemaker Elementary School, 4068 North Fairview Street 2.7 miles
Lone Lane Park, 30 Lone Ln 2.8 miles
Olympic Drive, 3139 Olympic Dr 3 miles
Greenbriar Park, Greenbriar Ln 4 miles
Western Salisbury Elementary School, 3201 Devonshire Rd 4.1 miles
Green Acres Park, Green Acres Dr 4.3 miles
South Ott St & East Texas Blvd, S Ott St 4.4 miles
Devonshire Park, 1822 Bevin Dr 4.5 miles
Jefferson Elementary School, 520 Elm Street 4.6 miles
Lincoln Elementary School, Pike St 4.6 miles
Cedar Creek Park, Cedar Creek Rd 4.7 miles
Furnace Street, 725 Furnace St 4.7 miles
Ruhe Park, 1719 Oxford Dr 4.8 miles
Harrison Park, 10 E Harrison St 4.9 miles
Williams Playground, Williams St 5.1 miles
Lenape Park, Lenape Park Rd 5.3 miles
Alpine Street, 333 Alpine St 5.4 miles
Fernwood Park, 1916 Molinaro Drive 6 miles
Trexler Elementary School, 1881 Molinaro Drive 6 miles
Trexler Middle School, 1500-1598 W Greenleaf St 6.3 miles
Berks County Park, 3131 Seisholtzville Rd 6.4 miles
Seisholtzville Road, Seisholtzville Rd 6.8 miles
Fountain Park, 924 Martin Luther King Jr Dr 6.9 miles
Chestnut Hill, 3301 Chestnut Hill Rd 7.1 miles
Trout Creek Park, Park Rd 7.1 miles
Peachtree Circuit, 1776 Peachtree Cir 7.5 miles
Jordan Park, 1053 N 6th Street Ext 7.6 miles
American Parkway, American Pkwy 7.9 miles
Saucon & S Filmore St, 832 S Filmore St 7.9 miles
Jordan Boulevard, Jordan Blvd 8.3 miles
Fullerton Legion Field, 264-298 Wood St 8.5 miles
Chestnut Street, 3009 S 4th Ave 8.9 miles
Hokendauqua Playground, Ironton Rail-Trail 8.9 miles
Keck Park, 200-298 E Birch St 8.9 miles
Irving Park, 933-963 E Tilghman St 9.7 miles
Cherry Street, 177 Cherry St 9.8 miles
Catasauqua Swimming Pool, 501 American Street 9.9 miles
Grove St & Arch St, 1042 6th St 9.9 miles

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