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No. of Hoops

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Current Conditions


Broken clouds


Max 40° F


34 %


Fresh Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
05:18 PM


Time until Sunset
00:30 hrs

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Basketball courts near Village Park Elementary School

Name Distance Rating
Magnolia Park, Exit Ln 1 miles
Egan High School, 611 Wistar Road 1.4 miles
Mill Creek, Mill Creek Pkwy 1.7 miles
Pen Ryn School, 235 South Olds Boulevard 1.8 miles
Brook Park, Greenbrook Dr 2 miles
Middletown Township Park, Cobalt Cross Rd 2.7 miles
Pearl Buck Elementary School, 143 Top Road 2.9 miles
Woodrow Wilson High School, Bristol-Emilie Rd 2.9 miles
Brookside Court, 499 Stony Hill Rd 3.2 miles
Queen of the Universe School, 2477 Trenton Road 3.3 miles
Lower Makefield, 1100 Edgewood Rd 3.5 miles
Albert Schweitzer Elementary School, Heartwood Turn 3.7 miles
Bloomsdale Courts, 5616 Mitchell Rd 3.8 miles
Samuel Everitt Elementary School, 145 Forsythia Drive South 3.8 miles
Wood Avenue, Wood Ave 3.8 miles
Crestwood Half Court, Crestwood Condo 4 miles
Marie Lowe Park, Marie Lowe Dr 4.4 miles
Florence Recreation Complex, 700 Summer Street 4.6 miles
Cadwalader Park, Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park Trail 5 miles
Spurline Park, Bristol Spurline Park 5 miles
Edgewood Ave Playground, 534 Edgewood Ave 5.3 miles
Lafayette Elementary School, 906 Winder Dr 5.3 miles
Delhaas High School, Veterans Hwy 5.4 miles
Parker Elementary School, 820 S Warren St 5.4 miles
Oliver Heckman Elementary School, Cherry St 5.5 miles
Wilkinson Place Basketball Court, 59 Wilkinson Place 5.5 miles
Roebling Park, 1-11 Riverside Avenue 5.6 miles
Roebling Playground, Roebling Dr 5.7 miles
Delola Playground, Rumpf Ave 5.8 miles
Railroad Ave Playground, 73 Railroad Avenue 6 miles
Core Creek, Park Rd 6.2 miles
Martin Luther King Park, 5 Burton Ave 6.2 miles
Manor Drive, 1-99 Manor Drive 6.3 miles
Maynard Magnum Park, 12 Larchmont Drive 6.3 miles
Springdale Court, Springdale Dr 6.3 miles
Bustleton Rd, 1911 Bustleton Road 6.5 miles
Duxbury Park, 712 Poplar St 6.5 miles
East Pearl Street, Tatham 6.6 miles
Jefferson Vincent Park, 417-REAR Monmouth Street 6.6 miles
Garden of Reflection 9-11 Memorial, 1774 Woodside Rd 6.7 miles
Logan Field, 501-505 Logan Avenue 6.8 miles
Newtown Swim Club & Fitness, 761 Newtown Yardley Road 6.8 miles
Kirkwood Playground, Kirkwood Dr 6.9 miles
Columbus Park, 502 Woolman Road 7 miles
Greg Grant Park, 300-398 Freeman Ln 7 miles
Sony Vereen Playground, 51 Fillmore Ave 7 miles
Valley Elementary School, 3000 Donallen Drive 7 miles
Assiscunk Creek Park 2, 58 Pinewald Lane 7.1 miles
Brownsville Courts, 658 Brownsville Rd 7.1 miles
Franklin Park, 650-698 Woodland Street 7.1 miles
Mitchell Ave Playground, 400-408 Mitchell Avenue 7.1 miles
Gilbert Half Court, Gilbert Dr 7.2 miles
Pickup Game Croydon, 922-998 Dolores Lane 7.3 miles
Emily Park, 1599 State Rd 7.4 miles
Ephrems Church, Harmony Ct 7.4 miles
Davis / Everett Court, Everett Dr 7.6 miles
Greenlander Park, 809 Highland Avenue 7.6 miles
Legion Field Commons, 205 Washington Street 7.6 miles
Walnut Ave Park, 44 Frances Street 7.8 miles
Hedding Park, 2192-2298 Columbus Hedding Road 7.9 miles
East Village Lane, E Village Rd 8 miles
Skimmer Adams Field, Wall Ave 8 miles
Wilson Elementary School, 600 East Park Avenue 8 miles
Christian Life Center, 3100 Galloway Rd 8.1 miles
Burlington Township Board Of Education, 700 Jacksonville Road 8.2 miles
Snyder Memorial Field, 1-29 Reeves Ave 8.2 miles
Stonebridge Park, Tanner Ave 8.3 miles
Parx Racing and Casino, Pennsylvania Turnpike 8.4 miles
Lindsley Court, 400-998 Lindsley Court 8.6 miles
Park Street & 2nd Street, 2nd St 8.6 miles
Priya's Court, 1501-1505 Barnswallow Dr 8.7 miles
Arena Drive Elementary School, McGalliard Elementary School 8.8 miles
Bridgetown Pike, Bridgetown Pike 8.8 miles
Newtown Crossing, Neshaminy Creek Trail 8.8 miles
Salem Road, Salem Rd 8.8 miles
Woodlake Park, Jennifer Ln 8.8 miles
East Burlington Street, 88 E Burlington St 9 miles
Louis Kite Field, 345 Lincoln Avenue 9 miles
Shepherds Way, Shepherds Way 9.1 miles
Taisley Courts, 39 Taisley Ln 9.3 miles
Independence Drive, 108 Independence Dr 9.4 miles
Parkview Court, Parkview Way 9.5 miles
Adams Court, Adams Ct 9.6 miles
Helen Randle Park, 236 Swamp Rd 9.7 miles
Memorial Field, 102 Stevenson Avenue 9.7 miles
Chesterbrook Academy, Marigold Dr 9.8 miles
Ferry Field, Bennington Rd 9.9 miles
Bookbinder School, 56 Brooklawn Drive 10 miles
Grice Middle School, 901 WH Ham Square Road 10 miles
Hawthorne Park Elementary School, Hampshire Ln 10 miles

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