1. United States
  2. Lakewood, CO
  3. 8180 West 20th Avenue

Morse Park



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 37° F


69 %


Light Air

Local Time

Local Time
10:05 AM


Time until Sunset
07:09 hrs

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Basketball courts near Morse Park

Name Distance Rating
Paramount Park, 2800-2898 Paramount Pkwy 1.7 miles
O'Kane Park, 7001-7099 W 1st Ave 2.1 miles
Wheat Ridge Rec Center, 3900 Kipling St 2.1 miles
Washington Heights Park, 6389 West 1st Avenue 2.4 miles
Panorama Park, 5600-5798 W 35th Ave 2.5 miles
Sloans Lake South, W 17th Ave 2.6 miles
Pferdesteller Park, 3241-3299 Wolff St 3 miles
Sloans Lake North, W 26th Ave 3.1 miles
Addenbrooke Park Court, S Garrison St 3.2 miles
Belmar Villas Mexican Hood Courts, 705 S Pierce St 3.2 miles
Martinez Park, 900-950 Tennyson Street 3.3 miles
West 10th Ave, 1001 South Osceola Street 3.6 miles
Berkeley Park, 4601-4699 W 46th Ave 3.7 miles
Edison Elementary, 3350 Quitman St 3.7 miles
Sanchez Park, 3350-3398 West Howard Place 4.1 miles
Westwood Park Court, 840 S Yates St 4.1 miles
Jefferson Park, 2701-2799 W 22nd Ave 4.7 miles
Homestead Park, 5634-5774 W 63rd Ave 4.9 miles
Carmody Rec Center Court, 10005 W Warren Dr 5 miles
Denver Bouldering Club Hoop, 2480 W 4th Ave 5.3 miles
Hirshorn Park, Tejon St 5.5 miles
Majestic View Park Court, 8849 West 70th Way 5.5 miles
Shoshone & West 36th Street, 3635 Quivas Street 5.7 miles
West-Bar-Val Wood Park, 2251-2347 W Cedar Ave 5.8 miles
Highland Gateway Park, 2500 19th St 5.8 miles
Huston Park Basketball Court, Huston Lake Trail 5.8 miles
Auroria Rec Center, 1111 West Colfax Avenue 5.9 miles
Faversham Park, 7330 Jay Street 6 miles
Columbus Park, 3801-3899 Navajo St 6.1 miles
West Byers, S Pecos St 6.2 miles
Sister City Park Court, S Carr St 6.2 miles
Valverde Park, 1240 W Bayaud Ave 6.4 miles
New England Park, 5134-6204 North Elk Drive 6.5 miles
Seventeenth Street Rooftop Court, 1144-1198 18th St 6.6 miles
Flores Park, 621 West 4th Avenue 6.6 miles
Sunken Gardens, W 9th Ave 6.7 miles
Gust School, 3440 West Yale Avenue 6.8 miles
Dailey Park, 301-499 W Archer Pl 7 miles
Rainbow Park, 8364 Everett Way 7.1 miles
Coyote Gulch Park Courts, 14501 W Yale Ave 7.3 miles
Lawson Park, 2300-2398 California St 7.4 miles
Morey Middle School, 840 East 14th Avenue 7.8 miles
Curtis Park, 32nd St 7.9 miles
26th and Ogden, 2561 Ogden St 7.9 miles
Bishop Square Park, 8150 Hooker Street 8 miles
Alamo Placita, Ogden St 8.1 miles
Dora Moore School, 846 Corona Street 8.1 miles
Platt Park Court, 1523-1599 S Logan St 8.3 miles
Fuller Park Court, 1600-1698 E 29th Ave 8.5 miles
Washington Park, Washington Park 8.7 miles
Columbine Elementary School, 2899-2801 Elizabeth Street 9.2 miles
Good Shepherd Catholic School, 620 Elizabeth St 9.2 miles
Congress Park, 2805 E 9th Ave 9.3 miles
Englewood Rec Center, 1155 W Oxford Ave 9.4 miles
Waldorf School Court, 940 Fillmore St 9.5 miles
Bruce Randolph School, 2838 East 40th Avenue 9.6 miles
Denver University Dorms, S High St 1870 9.7 miles
Clement Park Basketball Court, 6201 S Pierce St 9.8 miles

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