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Scattered clouds


Max 83° F


83 %


Gentle Breeze

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02:21 PM


Time until Sunset
04:31 hrs

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Basketball courts near West Lake Park

Name Distance Rating
Frost Park, 238-242 NE 2nd St 1.7 miles
Lincoln park, 2340 Lincoln St 1.7 miles
Jefferson Park, 1501-1599 Jefferson St 1.8 miles
Collins Elementary School, 398 NW 9th Ave 2.1 miles
Poinciana Bank, 1300-1498 S 20th Ct 2.4 miles
TY Park, Atlanta St 2.7 miles
St Ann's Church, NW 8th St 2.9 miles
Dixie Park, 911-1007 NW 7th Terrace 3 miles
Court of Hollywood, 3401 Hollywood Blvd 3.3 miles
Hallandale City Park, 100-198 SE 5th St 3.7 miles
Griffin Park, 5169 SW 28th Terrace 3.7 miles
Davis Park, 300-398 SW 17th St 4.8 miles
Highland Oaks Middle School, 2375 NE 203rd Street 4.8 miles
Thomas Court, 5800 Thomas St 4.9 miles
Ives Estate Park, 21101-21399 NE 14th Ave 5 miles
Near Beach, 3030 Holiday Dr 5.4 miles
Scottie Pippens (private) home court, 1301 W Lake Dr 5.4 miles
WAR Arena, William Lehman Causeway 5.4 miles
Ojus Park, 18995 W Dixie Hwy 5.6 miles
McTyre Park, 5200 SW 34th St 5.7 miles
NE 188th St, 18701 NE 22nd Ave 5.8 miles
Riverside Park, 1601-1799 SW 9th St 5.9 miles
South Beach Park, 646-698 N Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd 6 miles
Riverland Park, 900-958 SW 24th Terrace 6.1 miles
Apollo Middle School, N 68th Ave 6.4 miles
NE 2ns Ave, 199-101 NE 10th Ave 6.4 miles
Driftwood Acres Park, 2751 NW 70th Terrace 6.5 miles
NW 6th Ave, 501-599 NW 4th St 6.6 miles
NW 5th Ave, 501-599 NW 5th St 6.8 miles
NW11th Terrace, 1100-1126 NW 5th St 6.8 miles
Sunview Park, 1401-1599 SW 42nd Ave 6.9 miles
Holiday Park, 1100-1120 G Martin Harold Dr 7.1 miles
Victory Park, 2020 NE 169th St 7.2 miles
Driftwood Park, NW 33rd St 7.4 miles
Warfield Park, 1000-1098 N Andrews Ave 7.4 miles
English Park, 1041-1099 Bayview Dr. 7.6 miles
NW 9th Ave, 1200-1298 NW 9th Ave 7.7 miles
Ronald L Book Athletic Stadium, 2555 NE 151st St 8 miles
Nova Southeastern University, SW 72nd Ave 8.3 miles
Fairway Park, 3701-3769 Largo 8.4 miles
University School of NSU, SW 75th Ave 8.4 miles
Wilton Drive, 2020 Wilton Dr 8.4 miles
NW 20th St, 1980 NW 9th Ave 8.6 miles
Wingate Park, 1321 NW 33rd Ave 8.6 miles
Highland Village Park, 13630 Highlands Dr 9.1 miles
Scott Park, 1511-1699 NW 176th Terrace 9.3 miles
Brian Piccalo Park, 9501 Sheridan St 9.4 miles
Keystone Point Park, NE 18th Ave 9.5 miles
Johnson & Wales University, 1701 Northeast 127 Street 9.6 miles
NE 35th St, 1201-1299 NE 36th St 9.7 miles
Cagni Park, 13300-13398 NE 8th Ave 9.8 miles
Silver Ridge Elementary School, SW 36th St 9.8 miles
Wimberly Fields, 3900 NE 3rd Ave 9.9 miles

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