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No. of Hoops

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Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 75° F


31 %


Gentle Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
03:23 PM


Time until Sunset
02:56 hrs

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Basketball courts near Grove St

Name Distance Rating
Ravine Drive Elementary School, Ravine Dr 1.4 miles
Wolley St, 6 Wooley St 1.4 miles
Jackson Street, Jackson St 1.5 miles
Laurence Harbor Basketball Court, 7 Laurence Pkwy 1.9 miles
Jackson St, 21-59 Jackson St 2.4 miles
Village Green, 147 Village Green 2.4 miles
Clover way, 10 Clover Way 2.5 miles
Cheesequake State Park Day Use Area, to Picnic Shelter 2.7 miles
Nolan Rd, 30 Lloyd Rd 3.3 miles
Geick Park Courts, Brandywine Dr 3.7 miles
Monterey Dr, 8 Cove Rd 3.9 miles
Scholer Development, 423 Prospect Ave 4.2 miles
Middle Rd, 303-315 Middle Rd 4.4 miles
Shelly Rd, 2-32 Shelly Rd 5.3 miles
8th Street, 137 8th St 5.9 miles
Alocco Park, Middle Rd 6.2 miles
Cheesequake Road, 500 Cheesequake Road 6.2 miles
Alan B. Sheppard, 35 Stevens Avenue 6.3 miles
Rudyk Park, Outerbridge Crossing 6.6 miles
Patio Greens Drive, 2-12 Patio Greens Drive 7 miles
Carlton Park, 1730 Drumgoole Road West 7.1 miles
Ramona Ave, 725 Ramona Ave 7.1 miles
Washington Park, 581-599 Lee Ave 7.1 miles
Clinton Avenue, 47-77 S Maplewood Ave 7.3 miles
Henry Hudson, Henry Hudson Bike Trail 7.6 miles
Marlboro Rec, Recreation Center Dr 7.7 miles
Ferry Street Park, 68 Ferry Street 7.9 miles
Hopelawn Park, Mary Fee Ln 8 miles
Marlboro Elementary School, 1 Etna Court 8 miles
Berger Street, 50 Bergen Ave 8.2 miles
Double Nickel Playground, 54 Osborne St 8.4 miles
Fords Park, Park Rd 8.5 miles
Windsong Court South River, Cornell Dr 8.8 miles
Woodview Avenue, 41 Woodview Ave 8.8 miles
Heards Brook Park, N Park Dr 9 miles
Veteran's Park, 1250 Englishtown Rd 9.2 miles
West Ave/Port Reading, 9967 West Ave 9.2 miles
Quigley, Sheppard Pl 9.3 miles
Boyton Park, Grand Avenue 9.4 miles
Dolan St, 21 Dolan St 9.4 miles
Great Kills Veterans Playground, 1 Seely Ln 9.5 miles
Bucknell Park, 59 Lyons Avenue 9.9 miles
Chittick Elementary School, 4 Flagler St 9.9 miles
RWJ Rahway Fitness & Wellness Center at Carteret, 52-64 Cooke Avenue 9.9 miles
Sadowski Court, 35-99 Madeline Ave 9.9 miles
Adelaide Avenue Park, 861 Adelaide Avenue 10 miles

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