1. United States
  2. Claremont, CA
  3. 630 California Drive

El Morido Courts



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 88° F


15 %


Light Air

Local Time

Local Time
11:51 AM


Time until Sunset
06:20 hrs

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Basketball courts near El Morido Courts

Name Distance Rating
Mountain View Elementary, 1224 Northwestern Drive 0.4 miles
Memorial Park, Memorial Park 0.9 miles
Stuart Wheeler Park, 600-640 Vista Dr 1.1 miles
Sumner Elementary School, 1770 Sumner Ave 1.3 miles
Walker Courts, Walker Beach 1.3 miles
Pitzer Courts, 1010 North Mills Avenue 1.7 miles
Marion Courts, 2600-2646 D Street 2.6 miles
Gibbs Park, 1414-1598 W Princeton St 3.9 miles
Saratoga Park, 5461 Kingsley St 3.9 miles
Welch Park, 1201-1299 West 11th Street 4.3 miles
Marchant Park, 401-505 N Delancey Ave 4.7 miles
W 12th St, 1042 W Buffington St 4.9 miles
Liberty Park, 5051 Chesapeake St 5 miles
Magnolia Park, 510 W Aster St 5.3 miles
Walnut Park, 4632 Walnut Ave 5.4 miles
Ramona Junior High School, 4575 Walnut Avenue 5.5 miles
Cypress Avenue Park, 928-1028 S Cypress Ave 5.7 miles
De Anza Park, 1301-1399 S Fern Ave 6.4 miles
Monte Vista Park, 13152 Monte Vista Avenue 6.4 miles
Calle San Marcos Park, Norte Vista Dr 6.5 miles
Park East, 13590 Frady Ave 6.5 miles
Sam Alba Park, 414 E Park St 6.5 miles
McLeod Park, 12570-12608 Carissa Avenue 6.7 miles
Villa Park, 13501-13605 3rd St 6.9 miles
Bon View Park, 832-898 E Maitland St 7.2 miles
Pantera Park, 751-799 Pantera Dr 7.3 miles
Church of Jesus Christ, 6700-6878 Chino Ave 7.9 miles
Grand Ave, 1301 Grand Avenue 7.9 miles
Via Huerte, 8592 Vía Huerte 7.9 miles
Ayala Park, 5525-5665 Edison Avenue 8 miles
Crossroads Park, Chino Hills Pkwy 8.1 miles
Point Play Zone, 2569 Chino Hills Pkwy 8.1 miles
Kimball Park Courts, South Campus Avenue 8.2 miles
Centennial Park, 736-798 E Merion St 8.4 miles
Rancho Cucamonga Family Sports, 9040 Foothill Blvd 8.6 miles
Chaparral Elementary School, 4849 Bird Farm Rd 9 miles
Golden Oak Park, 9428 Poppyfield Ct 9.2 miles
Empower Sports Facility, 9059 San Bernardino Rd 9.3 miles
Dawson Park Rec Center, William H. Lancaster Memorial Highway 9.4 miles
Teen Center Gym, 20936-20998 Benik Place 9.4 miles
Danbury Park, Fairfield Ranch Rd 9.7 miles
LA Fitness, W Mauna Loa Ave 9.7 miles
Ladera Ct, 9802 Ladera Ct 9.7 miles
Walnut High School, 400 Pierre Road 9.8 miles
Old Town Park, 10093 Feron Blvd 10 miles
Vellano Park, 16353 Aviano Ln 10 miles

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