1. United States
  2. Chicago, IL
  3. Stoney Island Park / East 87th

Stoney Island Park



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Light snow


Max 33° F


86 %


Light Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
01:14 PM


Time until Sunset
03:47 hrs

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Basketball courts near Stoney Island Park

Name Distance Rating
Avalon Park, 1301 E 83rd St 1.3 miles
Bessemer Park, 2700 E 89th St 1.3 miles
Bradley Park, 9741 S Yates Blvd 1.5 miles
Burnside Park, S Greenwood Ave 1.8 miles
Russell Park, 8301-8399 S Baker Ave 1.8 miles
Woodhull Park, 7300-7398 SE End Ave 1.8 miles
Woodhull Park, 7300-7398 SE End Ave 1.8 miles
Hodes Park, 1601-1649 E 73rd St 1.9 miles
Grand Crossing Park, S Dobson Ave 2.1 miles
Rainbow Beach Park, 2941-2989 E 75th-79th 2.2 miles
Brown Memorial Park, E 85th St 2.3 miles
Chestnut Playlot Park, 821 W 69th St 2.3 miles
Tuley Park, 500-598 E 91st St 2.5 miles
Nat King Cole Park, 341-369 E 85th St 2.8 miles
South Cornell Avenue, 6500-6598 South Cornell Avenue 2.8 miles
Jackson Park, 6046-6374 US-41 3.1 miles
Calumet Park, 9801 S Ave G 3.3 miles
Meyering Park, 7100-7198 S Dr Martin Luther King Jr Dr 3.4 miles
Wolfe Park, 10801-10899 S Buffalo Ave 3.4 miles
Abbott Park 3.5 miles
Memorial Park, 153-165 W 73rd St 4.1 miles
Palmer Park, Palmer Park 4.1 miles
Morgan Elementary School, 8407 South Kerfoot Avenue 4.4 miles
Washington Park, Washington Park 4.4 miles
Hamilton Park, 7232 S Stewart Ave 4.5 miles
Kensington Park, 322 E 118th St 4.8 miles
Kenwood Park, 4933 S Kimbark Ave 4.9 miles
Houston Playground, 821 East 50th Street 5.1 miles
NewPort, 4701-4845 Cornell Dr 5.1 miles
Brainerd Park, S Throop St 5.5 miles
Sherwood Park, 331-363 W 57th St 5.5 miles
Jackie Robinson Park, S Aberdeen St 5.6 miles
41st Street Beach, Lakefront Trail 5.8 miles
Armstrong Park, E 44th St 5.9 miles
Foster Park, 1481-1521 W 83rd St 5.9 miles
Ogden Park, Black Dr 6.1 miles
West Pullman Park, West Pullman Park 6.1 miles
Mandrake Park, 772-798 E Oakwood Blvd 6.4 miles
Ada Park, W 113th Pl 6.5 miles
Murray Playground, 1767-1799 W 73rd St 6.6 miles
Shoop, 11132 South Hamlet Avenue 6.6 miles
Cooper Park, 11718 S Throop St 6.7 miles
Ellis Park, 656-698 E 37th St 6.7 miles
Madden Park, 3740-3798 S Rhodes Ave 6.7 miles
31st Street Harbor Park, Lakefront Trail 6.9 miles
Anderson Park, E 38th St 6.9 miles
Dawes Park, W 80th Pl 6.9 miles
Needles Park Basketball Court, 1100-1120 Main St 6.9 miles
Cottage Park, 2850 E 142nd St 7 miles
Sherman Park, Sherman Dr 7 miles
Riverdale Park, W 137th St 7.1 miles
Back of the Yards Park, W 49th Pl 7.4 miles
Lake Meadows Park, 3133-3163 S Rhodes Ave 7.4 miles
Blackwelder Park, S Homewood Ave 7.6 miles
Downey Park, 341 Jeffery Ave 7.6 miles
Lindblom Park, 6000-6098 S Damen Ave 7.6 miles
Armour Square Park, S Shields Ave 7.9 miles
Cornell Square Park, S Wood St 7.9 miles
Donovan Park, 3600-3698 S Lituanica Ave 8 miles
Davis Square Park, 4400-4498 S Marshfield Ave 8.2 miles
Gage Park, S Western Ave 8.4 miles
Marquette Park, 7116 S Sacramento Ave 8.7 miles
McGuane Park, 801-921 W 29th St 8.8 miles
Bosley Park, 3001-3063 S Gratten Ave 8.9 miles
North Marquette Park, Mann Dr 9 miles
Riverview Park, 898 E 158th St 9 miles
Margaret Hie Ding Lin Park, 1705 S State St 9.1 miles
Valve Park, 1201-1299 W 143rd St 9.2 miles
McKinley Park, 2266-2302 W Pershing Rd 9.4 miles
Northwest Park, 3634-3666 W 92nd St 9.6 miles
Guadalupe Reyes Park, 1913 S Peoria St 9.7 miles
Dvorak Park, 1101-1139 W Cullerton St 9.8 miles
Harrison Park, 233-263 Waltham St 9.8 miles
Columbia Park, 5332-5398 Kent St 9.9 miles
Veteran's Park, 600-798 Johnson St 9.9 miles
Bogan Park, S Springfield Ave 10 miles

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