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Current Conditions


Light rain


Max 49° F


93 %


Light Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
06:00 PM


Time until Sunrise
12:38 hrs

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Basketball courts near Shedwick Street

Name Distance Rating
Chester High School, 304 Frank Young Ave 0.3 miles
West Front & Fulton Street, W Front St 0.4 miles
Penn St & W 6th St, W 6th St 0.5 miles
Congress Street, Congress St 1.5 miles
Veterans Memorial Park, Victory Hwy 1.5 miles
Eddystone Park, Baldwin St 1.7 miles
Sampson Park, 3424 Nathan Ave 1.9 miles
Lexington Playground, Lexington Ave 2.1 miles
Constitution Avenue, Constitution Ave 2.3 miles
Eaton Park, Eaton Park 2.5 miles
The Christian Academy, 4301 Chandler Drive 2.5 miles
Georgetown Playground, Georgetown Rd 2.6 miles
Bent Park, 2101-4215 N Bent Ln 2.7 miles
Chester Creek, Jackson Dr 2.7 miles
HJ Court, Henry Johnson Parkway 3 miles
High Meadow, High Meadow Park 3.2 miles
Basket Court, 2145 Dutton Mill Road 3.4 miles
Boeing, Chester Pike 3.4 miles
Hetzel Road Park, Hetzel Rd 3.6 miles
Court, 55 Seward Lane 3.7 miles
Hancock Street, Virginia Cir 3.7 miles
Knowlton Pool, 137 West Knowlton Road 3.9 miles
Stella Park, 112-198 Stella Ln 3.9 miles
Gaspari Park, 1500 Hewes Ave 4.2 miles
Stoneybrook, Stoneybrook Ln 4.3 miles
Barker Park, Barker St 4.4 miles
Hidden Hollow Pool, 599 Cricket Lane 4.4 miles
Woodbrook Park, 608-618 Lamp Post Lane 4.4 miles
Corinthian Ave, Corinthian Ave 4.6 miles
Hinckley Courts, 501 E Hinckley Ave 4.7 miles
Leedom Estates Park, Darby Rd 4.7 miles
Morris Sapovits Park, Pritchard Ln 4.7 miles
Surrey Court, 836 Lamp Post Lane 4.8 miles
Triangle Park, 901-999 Swarthmore Avenue 4.8 miles
Seward / Garden Lane, 2615 Wickersham Lane 4.9 miles
The Hollow, 835-859 14th Ave 5 miles
Lafayette Avenue, 412 Lafayette Ave 5 miles
Park Square, E Park Square 5 miles
Center Avenue, Center Ave 5.1 miles
Barrall Community Park, 151-199 East State Street 5.2 miles
Booth Court, 2128 Blueball Avenue 5.2 miles
Harding Ave, 201-299 Harding Avenue 5.5 miles
Neumann University Gym, 600 Convent Rd 5.5 miles
Maryland Ave, Maryland Ave 5.6 miles
Tinicum Elementary School, 1st and Seneca Street 5.6 miles
Jane Lownes Park, Kennerly Rd 5.8 miles
Lewis Park, Lewis H Fisher Memorial Park 5.9 miles
Amosland Park, Walle St 6.1 miles
Knollwood Park, 31 Colby Avenue 6.1 miles
The Walden School, 901 North Providence Road 6.1 miles
1st Ave, 1st Ave 6.3 miles
Taylor Drive, 959 Taylor Dr 6.3 miles
Lenni Park Courts, Lenni Park 6.4 miles
Academy Ave, 246 S Academy Ave 6.5 miles
Library Court, S Brookside Rd 6.6 miles
Warwick Avenue, 1713 Warwick Ave 7 miles
Grobes Court, Grobes St 7.1 miles
Westbrook Drive, Westbrook Dr 7.1 miles
Claymont School Sports Fields, Interstate 95 7.2 miles
Scenic Hills Elementary School, 235 Hillview Drive 7.3 miles
Bechtel Park, 1201 Naamans Road 7.5 miles
Merion Ave, 158 Merion Ave 7.6 miles
Hook Road, 1400-1498 Hook Road 7.8 miles
Rolling Green Park, 621 W Rolling Rd 7.8 miles
Sproul Road, Sproul Rd 7.8 miles
Huey Ave, Huey Ave 8 miles
Pilgrim Gardens, N Sycamore Ave 8 miles
Aston, 2102 Wrexham Road 8.1 miles
Pontiac Road, Pontiac Rd 8.1 miles
Collingdale Park, 501 Jackson Ave 8.2 miles
Haverford Park, Haverford Heritage Trail (proposed) 8.4 miles
Perkins Run, Cloister Road 8.5 miles
Sunset, 1605-1611 Sunset Lane 8.5 miles
Hoffman Park, Scottdale Rd 8.6 miles
Billingsport Elementary School, 441 Nassau Ave 8.7 miles
Steel Road Park, Steel Rd 8.7 miles
Harvey Mill Park, 2302 Patwynn Road 8.9 miles
Langford Park, Langford Rd 8.9 miles
Pepper School Playground, 2901 S 84th St 9.1 miles
Worrall Elementary School, Highland Ave 9.1 miles
Westgate Hills Park, Oxford Hill Ln 9.2 miles
Dermond Recreation Area, Harper Ave 9.3 miles
Manoa Elementary School, S Eagle Rd 9.3 miles
Park Lane Elementary School, Park Ln 9.3 miles
Penrose School, 2515 South 78th Street 9.5 miles
Schappet Terrace, 65 Sayers Ave 9.6 miles
Har Jehuda, 2434 Stoneybrook Ln 9.7 miles
Marple Leisure Center, 20 Media Line Road 9.7 miles
Yeadon Community Park, 301-347 E Providence Rd 9.7 miles
Newton Public Library, 756-798 Ellis Ave 9.8 miles
Carrcroft, 503 Crest Road 9.9 miles
Licia Drive, Licia Dr 9.9 miles
Dartmouth Woods(half court), 2535 Dartmouth Woods Road 10 miles

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