1. United States
  2. Beachwood, NJ
  3. Hemlock Road

Jakes Branch County Park‎



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 32° F


30 %


Moderate Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
05:02 PM


Time until Sunset
00:00 hrs

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Basketball courts near Jakes Branch County Park‎

Name Distance Rating
Birch Surf Rec Area, 1001 Ensign Ave 0.3 miles
Center Homes Park, 220 Ardmore Avenue 0.7 miles
Manitou Park, 130 4th Avenue 1.2 miles
Beacon Avenue, 501-599 Beacon Ave 2 miles
Pine Beach Elementary School, 132-220 Merion Avenue 2.2 miles
Mallard & Partridge, 23 Partridge Lane 2.7 miles
Veterans Park, Veterans Park 2.9 miles
Admiral Farragut Academy, 626 Radnor Ave 3.1 miles
Bayville Elementary School, 29 Cranmer Road 3.7 miles
Poplar Avenue, Poplar Avenue 4.1 miles
Bay Lea Park, Bay Lea Park 4.2 miles
Deer Lane, 561 Deer Ln 4.2 miles
Maple Avenue, 140-176 Maple Ave 4.2 miles
Competitive Basketball Group, 108 Indian Head Road 4.3 miles
Gille Park, 1007 Kanoehe Drive 4.7 miles
H & M Potter Elementary School, 8 Bucks Court 4.7 miles
Skyview Park, 822-854 Vaughn Avenue 5 miles
William Hebrew Park, Railroad Avenue 5 miles
Ocean Gate Recreation, East Atlantic Avenue 5.1 miles
Weatherly Park, 659-671 Weston Drive 5.1 miles
Sunset Ave, 91 Sunset Avenue 5.3 miles
Huffy Wallis Park, 1723-1737 Whitcomb Road 5.8 miles
North Dover Elementary School‎, 1759 New Hampshire Avenue 6.1 miles
Riverwood Park, 201-999 Riverwood Drive 6.2 miles
Parker Avenue, 128 Parker Ave 6.6 miles
Joseph A. Citta Elementary School, 158 Liberty Bell Road 6.7 miles
Vincent Square, 31-49 Vincent St 7.2 miles
Silverton Park, 71 Maine St 7.4 miles
Lake Riviera Middle School, Shorrock Street 7.7 miles
Lawrence Larry D'Zio Park, 512 Locust Street 8 miles
Rose Court, 427 Rose Court 8.1 miles
Moe Levine Field & Park, 201-231 13th Avenue 8.8 miles
Lake Avenue Playground, 1608 Lake Avenue 9.1 miles
Lake Riviera Club, 375-381 Lake Shore Dr 9.1 miles
Emma Havens Young Elementary School, 43 Drum Point Rd 9.2 miles
Hancock Avenue, 1100 Bay Boulevard 9.2 miles
The Goddard School, 65 Drum Point Rd 9.3 miles
Ortley Beach Recreation A, 2001-2021 Bay Boulevard 9.4 miles
Drum Point Road, 30 Cumberland Dr 10 miles

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