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Broken clouds


Max 43° F


81 %


Gentle Breeze

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Local Time
11:29 PM


Time until Sunrise
07:36 hrs

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Basketball courts near Seven Kings

Name Distance Rating
South Park, 14-64 S Park Rd 1 miles
Maysbrook Park, 46 Hepworth Gardens 1.4 miles
Barking Park, Longbridge Rd 1.8 miles
Loxford Park 2 miles
West Road 2.2 miles
Arneways Avenue, 36-70 Arneways Ave 2.5 miles
Blackcourts, 225 Saint Marys 2.5 miles
Little Ilford Park, 29 Reynolds Ave 2.7 miles
Frenford Sports Club, 58-66 Cranbrook Rise 3.1 miles
West Ham Training Ground (private) 3.1 miles
Barking Road Recreation Ground, 359 Burges Road 3.2 miles
Morrison Rd, 24 Morrison Rd 3.2 miles
Southern Way, 58 Southern Way 3.5 miles
Baddow Close 4 miles
Old Dagenham Park 4.1 miles
Pondfield Park, 203 Reede Rd 4.1 miles
Collier Row Park, Collier Row Road 4.4 miles
Central Park, Legon Avenue 4.5 miles
Glendale Playground, Glendale Way 4.5 miles
Wanstead Leisure Centre, Wanstead Leisure Centre 4.6 miles
Beckton Park 4.7 miles
Brampton Park 4.8 miles
Cottons Park, London Road 4.9 miles
Oval Rd N 4.9 miles
Ray Park 5 miles
Oldchurch Park, Oldchurch Road 5.1 miles
Lawns Park, Lawns Way 5.2 miles
Plumstead Gardens, Marmadon Rd 5.2 miles
Bostall Gardens Court, Rochdale Rd/McLeod Rd 5.4 miles
Frederick Road 5.4 miles
London City Airport, Drew Rd 5.7 miles
Winn's Common, 180 Lakedale Rd 5.7 miles
Anglesea Road, 17A Anglesea Road 5.8 miles
Henry Reynolds Gardens, Browning Rd 5.9 miles
Odessa Road Open Space, 17 Odessa Rd 5.9 miles
Routemaster Close, 9 Routemaster Close 5.9 miles
Antelope Road, 7 Antelope Road 6 miles
Ford House, Woolwich New Road 6 miles
Harrow Lodge Park, Upper Rainham Road 6.2 miles
West Heath Rec Ground, 58-65 Clovelly Rd 6.2 miles
Freemasons Rd, 197 Freemasons Rd 6.3 miles
Belvedere Rec Ground 6.3 miles
Whitehills Road 6.3 miles
East Wickham Open Space, 18 Wickham St 6.4 miles
Cherry walk 6.5 miles
Franks Park 6.6 miles
Hylands Park, Osborne Road 6.6 miles
Maryon Park, Woolwich Rd 6.6 miles
Fords Park, 6 Ivy Rd 6.7 miles
Langthorne Park, Leytonstone, 62-72 Birch Grove 6.8 miles
West Ham Rec Ground, 64 W Ham Ln 6.9 miles
Memorial Recreation Ground, 141-151 Memorial Avenue 7 miles
Northumberland Heath Rec Ground 7.1 miles
Tarling Road, 38 Tarling Rd 7.1 miles
Bisterne Avenue Park, Bisterne Avenue 7.2 miles
Abbs Cross Health and Fitness Centre, 33 Beulah Rd 7.4 miles
Brookway Rainham 7.5 miles
Hornfair Park, Portway Gardens 7.6 miles
Kennard Road 7.6 miles
Wood Street Precinct Ball Court, 10 Marlowe Rd 7.6 miles
Marlowe Road, 288-296 Marlowe Rd 7.7 miles
Mountbatten House Court, Elvet Ave 7.7 miles
Glade Primary School, The Glade 7.8 miles
Haynes Park, Northumberland Avenue 7.8 miles
Leyton Manor Park, Leyton, Capworth Street 8.1 miles
Pigeon Court, 13 Lena Kennedy Close 8.1 miles
Vestry Park, Vestry Road 8.1 miles
Newport Ave, 10 Newport Ave 8.2 miles
Olympic Basketball Stadium 8.2 miles
Osier Way, 2-22 Osier Way 8.2 miles
Taunton Rd, 78 Taunton Rd 8.3 miles
Avery Hill Campus Community Garden 8.4 miles
Riverside Walk 8.5 miles
Commerell St 8.5 miles
Nelson Mandela Road, Nelson Mandela Rd 8.5 miles
Spring Park Farm 8.5 miles
Blue Cage on Adderley, 154 Brownfield St 8.6 miles
Ivy Chimneas, Ivy Chimneys Rd 8.6 miles
Talwin St, Talwin St 8.6 miles
Grove hall park 8.7 miles
Hurstmere School, 221 Hurst Rd 8.7 miles
St. Andrews Park, Bellevue Road 8.7 miles
Thomas Gamuel Park, 1 Colchester Rd 8.7 miles
Lloyd and Aveling Park, Forest Road 8.8 miles
Hacton Lane 8.9 miles
Chiltern Rd, Chiltern Rd 9 miles
Leyton Jubilee Park, Seymour Rd 9 miles
Malmesbury Rd Corner, 171 Malmesbury Rd 9 miles
Augusta St 9.1 miles
Lefevre Walk, Legion Terrace 9.1 miles
Naval College 9.1 miles
Malmesbury Road, Malmesbury Rd 9.3 miles
Altash Gardens, 72 Altash Way 9.4 miles
Adam Road Ball Court, 20-30 Adam Rd 9.4 miles
Millwall Park, Manchester Grove 9.5 miles
Barnes Cray Road, 1-8 Village Green Rd 9.6 miles
The Course 9.7 miles
Meridian Estate, Meridian Estate 9.7 miles
Edgebury Primary School, 83 Edgebury 9.8 miles
Mile End Stadium, 107 Burdett Rd 9.8 miles
Stoneydown Park, Blackhorse Road 9.8 miles
Driffield Road, 67-69 Driffield Road 9.9 miles
Higham Hill Rec, Hecham Close 9.9 miles
Mile End Park Court, 109-115 Burdett Rd 9.9 miles
St Alfege Park, 58 Roan Street 9.9 miles
Wick Road, 32 Hartlake Road 10 miles

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