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WuHua Elementary School



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Broken clouds


Max 57° F


54 %


Gentle Breeze

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Local Time
10:29 AM


Time until Sunset
07:20 hrs

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Basketball courts near WuHua Elementary School

Name Distance Rating
GuangRong Elementary School, ZhangShou St 1.2 miles
Bailingzuo Riverside Park, 通河西街二段60號 1.4 miles
ZhengYi Elementary School, 自強路一段160巷2弄10號 1.4 miles
XiuDe Elementary School, ZhongYang Rd 1.5 miles
BaiLing East Riverside Park, 通河東街一段102-124號 1.7 miles
GuangXing Elementary School, ZhengYi South Rd 1.9 miles
TaiPing Elementary School, LiangZhou St 2.3 miles
Riverside Court, 南京西路325-2號 2.4 miles
Shuang-hsi Park 2.4 miles
QingChuan High School of Commerce, WuGuWang N St 2.5 miles
Hung Sports Park, 重新橋機車專用道 2.6 miles
Da-Jia Riverside Park 2.8 miles
Middle School Park 2.9 miles
Jiancheng Jr. High School 3 miles
Sanchong Huanbao Park, 新莊堤外道路 3.2 miles
Shihlin Zhongshan Road 3.3 miles
Zhicheng Park 3.3 miles
Civic Boulevard, 市民大道二段 3.5 miles
Tienmu Sports Park, 111台灣台北市士林區忠誠路二段77號 3.6 miles
Zhishan Elementary School, No. 301 3.6 miles
Chung Cheng High School, 濟南路一段71號 3.7 miles
National Taiwan University Law School 3.7 miles
Southern Institute of Technology, 濟南路一段6號 3.7 miles
Taipei First Girls' High School 3.7 miles
Taipei University of Education 3.7 miles
Tatung Senior High School, JianGuo Elevated Rd 3.7 miles
Jinan Road, JiNan Rd 3.8 miles
National Taiwan University Medical College 3.8 miles
ShuangYuan Elementary School, JuGuang Rd 3.8 miles
Viaduct Court, 新生高架道路 3.9 miles
HuaZhong Riverside Park, HuanHe Rd 4.5 miles
QingNian Park, QingNian Rd 4.5 miles
River Park North, 水源快速道路 4.6 miles
SiWei Park, YangMing St 4.6 miles
XingAn Elementary School 4.6 miles
Taiwan Normal University, Daan District 4.7 miles
XinBu Junior High School, 新海路385巷18號 4.7 miles
Wanhua Riverside Park, 水源快速道路 4.8 miles
XinSheng Elementary School, XinSheng South Rd 4.8 miles
Da-An Forest Park, No. 1, Section 2, XīnShēng South Rd 4.9 miles
Yonghe Riverside Park, 環河西路一段8號 4.9 miles
Minquan Park 5 miles
River Park South, 水源快速道路 5 miles
Guting Elementary School, 106台灣台北市大安區羅斯福路三段201號 5.2 miles
YongPing High School, YongZhen Rd 5.3 miles
Chang-An Elementary School 5.4 miles
Guting Riverside Park, ShuǐYuán Expy 5.4 miles
YongChun Street Court 5.4 miles
NTU 5.5 miles
Ta-An Junior High School 5.5 miles
XiSong Elementary School, 南京東路五段123巷8弄45號 5.5 miles
HuanHe Park, 環河路 5.7 miles
CaiHong Riverside Park, 麥帥二橋 6 miles
Heping High School 6 miles
National Taiwan University Male Dormitory, 基隆路三段85號 6 miles
Adidas 101 Park, No. 8 6.1 miles
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, 基隆路四段43號 6.1 miles
Fanghe Jr. High School, 辛亥路三段157巷18-1號 6.2 miles
National Taiwan University of Arts Library 6.3 miles
Xinyi District, WuXing St 6.4 miles
ZhongQing Junior High School, 國慶路149巷29弄1-25號 6.4 miles
Songshan High School of Agriculture and Industry, ZhongXiao East Rd 6.5 miles
XingYa Junior High School, SongDe Rd 6.6 miles
Neihu Riverside Park, 潭美街 6.8 miles
Fuzun Riverside Park, 環河道路 6.9 miles
Riverside Park, 新北環快永和安康段 7 miles
Nangang Riverside Half Courts, 環東大道 7.4 miles
NanGang Vocational High School, XingZhong Rd 8.4 miles
Wenshan Riverside Courts 8.9 miles

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