Poli Arena

Splaiul Independentei nr 313 Bucharest Romania

Outdoor Public

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Poli Arena

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Added to map in 2009
by player CG from Germany.


Multiple CourtsPlastic Floor


Regulation HeightLighting




Wheelchair Access

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The local language in Romania is Romanian, the capital city is Bucharest (Bucuresti). You can say “Teren de baschet” for “basketball court“, and “Joaca baschet” for “playing basketball“. Bucuresti is the local language name for Bucharest, too.

  • Local Time

    Local Time
    12:25 PM

  • Sunset

    Sunset in
    08:22 hrs

  • Mild

    Max 66 ° F

  • Humidity

    65 %

  • Clear

    Clear sky

  • Wind

    Light Breeze

Player Comments

  1. “This court looks really nice but it is a private court, you have to pay to play. Also not very possible to just show up and play. Since people are paying, they are organized and will most likely play between themselves. I tried playing with some guys but never got to run.” – BaoParty (9 years ago)
  2. “oh god! im so jealous” – deezy (13 years ago)
  3. “man this court looks good” – macjay25 (14 years ago)
  4. “... just check out the sportarena court. i am not from romania either but i have been to sportarena court myself and it is mediocre to really good competition. you will find someone to run with.” – carlito (14 years ago)
  5. “i am new here in bucharest, I am a filipino guy,,,and i am really dying in desperate to play basketball i live here in bucor ,can anybody hepl??” – edmar (14 years ago)
  6. “Its really nice and fun... U have to come and see it...u will enjoy it” – paulika (14 years ago)
  7. “All that you wish (you basketplayer) is here! Tot ceea ce-ti doresti (jucatorule de baschet) gasesti aici! Come and see! Vino si convinge-te! Sports, fun, action! Sport, distractie, actiune!” – Theea (14 years ago)
  8. “i've played here since i know myself, lots of dunks..chicks, and palls. lot of fun here, u must come here and play ball ^^” – dinica (14 years ago)
  9. “the best in romania. u must see it and play on it ;)” – mikey41 (14 years ago)
  10. “Amaizin` courts... Real joy playin` there...” – Gusenizza (14 years ago)

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Court Location Tags Distance Check-ins Rating
FIBA Court Mihai Viteasu Sport Hall Vasile Milea 3-5, București
0.1 mi 0
FIBA Court Arena of Sportul Studentesc Strada Larisa 2, București
0.7 mi 0
Outdoor Court Colorful Bucarest Court Strada Constantin Arion 19, București
Highly Rated Full Court Regulation Height Concrete Floor
1.6 mi 0
Outdoor Court Clubul Copiilor Strada General Athanasie Enescu 53, București 012244
Highly Rated Full Court Regulation Height Concrete Floor
1.9 mi 0
Outdoor Court Liceul Teoretic Național Strada Occidentului 12, București
Full Court Regulation Height Concrete Floor
2 mi 0
Outdoor Court Universitatea din Bucuresti Vasile Parvan, București
Full Court Regulation Height Concrete Floor
2 mi 0
Outdoor Court Parc Drumul Taberei Drumul taberei, București
2.1 mi 0
Outdoor Court Parc Izvor Bulevardul Libertății 22, Bucharest 030167
Comments Park Highly Rated Multiple Courts
2.5 mi 0
Outdoor Court Parcul Nicolae Iorga Calea Victoriei, Bucharest
2.6 mi 0
FIBA Court Arena of Dinamo Soseaua Stefan cel Mare, București
3.6 mi 0
Outdoor Court The New Court Tineretului Parcul Tineretului, Bucharest
3.9 mi 0
Outdoor Court Teren Nou Unirii C4G8+5P Bucharest, Bucharest
Photos Highly Rated Full Court Regulation Height Rubber Floor Lighting
4.4 mi 0
FIBA Court Polivalenta Calea Piscului 10, București
4.5 mi 0
Outdoor Court Tei Strada Oltețului 30, Bucharest 014192
4.6 mi 0
FIBA Court Polivalenta Piscului Nr. 10, București 040354
4.6 mi 0
Outdoor Court Parc Tineretului C437+9P Bucharest, Bucharest
Photos Park Highly Rated Multiple Courts Regulation Height Rubber Floor Pick-Up Games Lighting
4.8 mi 0
Outdoor Court Parcul Obor Strada Chiristigiilor 2, București 077085
Full Court Bad Rims Rubber Floor
5 mi 0
FIBA Court Arena of ACRO București
6.7 mi 0
FIBA Court Arena of Soced București
6.7 mi 0
Outdoor Court Titan Park Nicolae Grigorescu, Bucharest
Comments Park
7.7 mi 0
Outdoor Court Parc Morarilor Șos. Vergului 19, București 022443
Photos Park Highly Rated Multiple Courts Regulation Height Plastic Floor Pick-Up Games Lighting Wheelchair Access
8 mi 0
FIBA Court Sport Hall Unirea Dobroiesti Nicolae Balcescu Str. 16, Dobroești
8.6 mi 0
FIBA Court UPG Ploiesti Bucuresti 39, Ploiești
32.8 mi 0
Outdoor Court Sala Sporturilor Strada Eroilor 61, Ploiești 107592
Multiple Courts Regulation Height Concrete Floor Lighting
34 mi 0
FIBA Court Olimpia Hall Parcul Tineretului 1, Ploiești
34.1 mi 0
Outdoor Court sunt 2 cosuri de baschet din care una nu mai are cos , deci numai joci Strada Gheorghe Asachi 7, Ploiești
Half Court Dunk Rims Grass Floor
34.2 mi 0
FIBA Court Bucov Constantin Stere 53, Bucov
37 mi 0
FIBA Court Sala Polivalenta Blejoi DC10A, Blejoi, Blejoi 107070
38.5 mi 0
Outdoor Court Mehano Vazrazhdane 2, Ruse 7002
Photos Highly Rated Check-ins
40.7 mi 2
Outdoor Court VZ ul. Studentska 4, Ruse 7020
40.8 mi 1