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No. of Hoops

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Current Conditions


Few clouds


Max 89° F


64 %


Moderate Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
04:54 PM


Time until Sunset
02:24 hrs

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Basketball courts near Ropes Crossing Bluetops

Name Distance Rating
Lethbridge Park, 39 Pitcairn Ave 1.1 miles
Emerton Leisure Centre, 27-51 Jersey Rd 1.8 miles
Luxford Gardens, 58 Waikanda Crescent 1.9 miles
St Marys Senior High Court, 21 Kalang Ave 2.4 miles
Rance Oval Basketball Courts, 10-12 Parkes Ave 2.5 miles
Brookfield Ave Half Court, 2B Brookfield Ave 3.5 miles
Penrith Basketball Stadium, 30 Herbert St 3.7 miles
Kevin Betts Stadium, 10A Zoe Pl 3.9 miles
Alroy Park, 32 Bottles Rd 3.9 miles
Cambridge Park Public School Court, 50 Deborah Crescent 4.2 miles
Tilden Street, 26A Beverly Pl 4.3 miles
UWS Kingswood, 61 Second Ave 4.4 miles
Maycowpe Reserve, 85 Rupertswood Rd 4.6 miles
Wigmore Courts, LOT 142 Wigmore Grove 4.7 miles
May Cowpe Reserve, 25 Nicolaidis Crescent 4.8 miles
Kingswood High School Courts, 2 Walsh Pl 5.4 miles
Everitt Crescent, 30 Everitt Crescent 5.6 miles
Doonmore St Courts, LOT 1 Doonmore St 5.7 miles
South Penrith Court, 13 Taloma St 6.1 miles
Jamison High School Court, 222 Evan St 6.6 miles
Southlands Half Court, 1 Birmingham Road 6.8 miles
Ridgeview Park, 32B Grace Ave 7 miles
Jocelyn Half Court, 16 Jocelyn Blvd 7.2 miles
Harvey Park, 58 Benalla Crescent 7.3 miles
Hawkesbury Indoor Stadium, 16 Stewart St 7.4 miles
Wrights Reserve Half Court, Pye Road 7.4 miles
Blue Hills Park - Half Court, Glengarry Dr 7.9 miles
Nepean High School Courts, 127 Great Western Hwy 8 miles
Paul Street, 20 Paul St 8.1 miles
Paterson Courts, 16 Torbert Ave 8.4 miles
Windsor High School Indoor Court, 150 Windsor Rd 8.5 miles
The Ponds, LOT 103 Lilypad Avenue 9.1 miles
Clissold Reserve Half Court, 65A Wedmore Road 9.3 miles
Stanhope Leisure Centre, 1-17 Sentry Dr 9.5 miles
Michelll Reserve, 406 Tudor Ave 9.7 miles
William Lawson Park, LOT 12 Myrtle Street 9.8 miles
Connor Greasby Park, 158 Perfection Avenue 9.9 miles

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