Higham Hill Rec


Basketball Court

United Kingdom, London, Hecham Close

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London, United Kingdom

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Map of Higham Hill Rec, London, United Kingdom

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Player Comments (2)

  • AairDNG9269
    The 411

    Cool court to practice and play half-court on, but can be a pain; as there is also a football pitch across the two courts, which as you can imagine; can cause: quite alot of stoppages and arguments. Both far ends of these courts are barely used; as the stanchion to the left (next to the kid's playground) is unstable (shakes as if someone tomahawked, from just the ball hitting the rim) and the ground is muddy (due to the mini-forest behind), so full-court is rarely played here.

    Posted on 2016-09-17 by AairDNG9269

  • Philpughe
    2 full courts

    2 full courts, rarely anyone there, but could be due to times i have been. Rims and backboards are new, but not that great.

    Posted on 2012-08-10 by Philpughe

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