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Name CHECK-INS Country City Rating
Adeer'y me! 0 Australia Ardeer
Albert Park Primary 0 Australia St Kilda
Brunswick High School Rims 0 Australia Melbourne
C.S Primary Hoop 0 Australia Caulfield South
Cambellfield Primary 0 Australia Melbourne
Carlton Flats 1 Australia Melbourne
Caulfield South 0 Australia Caulfield South
College Spankin New Rim 0 Australia Maribyrnong
Crossway Court 0 Australia Melbourne
Essendon Primary School Rim 0 Australia Melbourne
F1 Pit Strait Court (under construction) 0 Australia Melbourne
Footscray City College 1 Australia Footscray
footscray primary 1 Australia Footscray
Gilmore Girls Secondary 1 Australia Footscray
JJ Holland Park 1 Australia Melbourne
Jockey Warm Up Hoop 1 Australia Melbourne
Moonee Valley Racecourse Rims 0 Australia Moonee Ponds
Moubray St Primary 1 Australia Melbourne
North Melbourne Football Club Indoor and Outdoor 1 Australia Melbourne
Pascoe Primary Rim 0 Australia Pascoe Vale
Port Rim 1 Australia Melbourne
Racecourse Road 1 Australia Melbourne
Rim atop a Hill 0 Australia Hillside
RMIT Street Court 1 Australia Melbourne
Robbies Backyard Rim 0 Australia Melbourne
Royal Parade Hidden Court 1 Australia Parkville
Santa Cruz 0 Australia Keilor East
Sharp Fence Fortress Ring 0 Australia Hillside
Strathmore 0 Australia Melbourne
The Crescent 1 Australia Melbourne
The Pioneer's Rim 0 Australia Hillside
Uncle Buck 1 Australia Melbourne
Westside Hillside 0 Australia Hillside
Windsor Smith 0 Australia Melbourne

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    Stephan (Joined 2008) Langenfeld (Rheinland), Germany 1 1821
    peterjames847 (Joined 2012) Wickford, United Kingdom 0 1113
    AlexGoodman (Joined 2014) United States 0 615
    Besserwisser91 (Joined 2017) Kiel, Germany 0 476
    Renwaldo (Joined 2009) Dusseldorf, Germany 0 409
    COTW30 (Joined 2019) Trångsund, Sweden 7 194
    TG (Joined 2008) Dusseldorf, Germany 0 170
    garasu (Joined 2014) Canada 0 156
    aedds32 (Joined 2017) San Antonio, TX, United States 0 108
    carlito (Joined 2009) Rimini, Italy 0 85

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