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Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Light snow


Max 26° F


45 %


Fresh Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
11:53 PM


Time until Sunrise
07:14 hrs

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Basketball courts near WIlmington High School

Name Distance Rating
Wildwood, Wildwood St 1 miles
Yentile Farm Recreational Facility, 9 Cross St 1.1 miles
Shawsheen School, 298 Shawsheen Ave 2.7 miles
Ferulllo Field, Main St 3.5 miles
Reading High School, 72 Hartshorn St 4.1 miles
Saunders Rec, 336-424 Livingston Street 4.2 miles
Parker Tavern, Washington St 4.7 miles
Sturges Park, 146 Pine Ridge Rd 4.9 miles
Ballardvale Playground Court, 164-168 Andover St 5 miles
Maki, 29 Cummings Park Dr 5 miles
Saint Williams, 1323-1445 Main Street 5.1 miles
Kendall Road, Kendall Road 6.2 miles
Leonard Field, 16 Collamore Street 6.8 miles
Moulton Playground, West Side Social Club 7 miles
Winchester High, Winchester High School Track 7 miles
Andover High School, Shawsheen Rd 7.1 miles
Lampson Memorial Field, 1 Ed Hayes Way 7.3 miles
Manchester Courts, 36-72 Manchester Rd 7.7 miles
Ginn Field, 50-92 Mystic Valley Parkway 7.8 miles
Lynnfield Middle School, Playground Road 7.9 miles
JJ Round, Main St 8 miles
Greenwood School, Greenwood Ave 8.7 miles
The Courts 8.8 miles
Hastings Park, 86 Worthen Rd 8.9 miles
Mapleway Playground 8.9 miles
James Swamp Playground, Rea St 9 miles
Wakefield High School, Hemlock Rd 9 miles
Messenger Playground, Brunswick Park 9.1 miles
Symphony Park, 12-98 Symphony Road 9.2 miles
Lynnfield High School, 329-347 Essex Street 9.3 miles
Melrose Pool, 31-107 Tremont St 9.3 miles
Northeast Volcational Tech HS, Hemlock Rd 9.3 miles
North Andover Recreation, Johnson St 9.4 miles
Bedford High School, 9 Mudge Way 9.4 miles
Gooch Playground, 16 Maple St 9.4 miles
Playstead Park, 1-99 Tyler Ave 9.4 miles
Victory park, Victory Park Loop 9.4 miles
Golden Hills Playground, 24-62 Golden Hills Rd 9.5 miles
Warren A Pierce Playground, Millbrook Dr 9.5 miles
Hesseltine Playground, 2-98 Ruggles St 9.6 miles
Carr Park, 22-42 Winslow Ave 9.7 miles
Douglas Playground, 147-185 Douglas Rd 9.7 miles
Lincoln School, 109-199 Crescent Ave 9.7 miles
Fidelity House, 25 Medford St 9.8 miles
Dugger Park, Mystic River Rd 9.9 miles
Shedd Park, 433 Rogers St 10 miles

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