1. United States
  2. Wilmington, DE
  3. Delcastle Recreation Area

Delcastle Recreation Area



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Light rain


Max 50° F


93 %


Light Air

Local Time

Local Time
02:03 PM


Time until Sunset
03:46 hrs

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Basketball courts near Delcastle Recreation Area

Name Distance Rating
Hyde Park, Hyde Park 0.4 miles
Sherwood, Sherwood II 0.8 miles
Brandywine Springs Park, Brandywine Springs Park 1 miles
Lindell Park, Lindell 1.7 miles
North Pointe Court, Northpointe Dr 1.9 miles
Greenbank Park, 210 Greenbank Road 2 miles
Middleton Drive, 2-98 Middleton Dr 2.1 miles
Delpark, 2001 Armour Drive 2.2 miles
Stanton, 1800 Limestone Road 2.2 miles
Brookmeade, 2710-2850 Centerville Road 2.4 miles
Biden Park, 2806 Washington Avenue 3 miles
New Granville Rd, New Granville Rd 3 miles
Westview, 299 Cleveland Avenue 3.3 miles
Brookhaven Shefield Manner Park, Brookhaven Shefield Manner Park 3.8 miles
Wilmington High Basketball Court 3.9 miles
Linden Avenue, 240 Linden Ave 4.2 miles
Gallaher School Park, 950 Samoset Drive 4.6 miles
Paper Mill, Sunrise Drive 4.6 miles
Mack Park, 3001-3099 W 5th St 5.2 miles
Woodlawn Park, 501-599 Ferris St 5.7 miles
Leathermans Run Park, S Wakefield Dr 6 miles
Clayton Park, 1600-1698 W 3rd St 6.1 miles
Delamore Park, 616 S Connell St 6.1 miles
Father Tucker Memorial Park, 1801 Howland Street 6.1 miles
Rockford, Wilmington State Parks 6.3 miles
Wilmington Manor Elementary School, 200 East Roosevelt Avenue 6.7 miles
Kimberton Streetball Court, 50 Durham Ct 6.8 miles
Penn Acres, Penn Acres 7.1 miles
Brandywine Park, 1101-1199 Lovering Ave 7.2 miles
Sczerba, Lt. Szczerba Memorial Park at Penn Acres 7.2 miles
White Chapel Park, 200 Whitechapel Dr 7.2 miles
Castle Hills, 909 Moores Avenue 7.5 miles
Castle Hills Elementary School, 318 E Basin Rd 7.8 miles
Elbert Playground, 1000-1098 C Street 7.8 miles
Swaynick, New Castle County Swanwyck Park 7.8 miles
James Rogers Park, Grove Street 7.9 miles
Newark Bikeway Streetball Court, 201-277 Kells Ave 7.9 miles
Campus Basketball Courts, 348-410 Academy St 8 miles
Downie Elementary School, 1201 Delaware Street 8 miles
Rollins Building, W Park Dr & U.S. 202 & Powder Mill Rd 8 miles
Trabant University Center, 1-99 South College Avenue 8 miles
Brandywine Mills Park, 98 Race St 8.1 miles
Albert Einstein Academy, 100 Garden of Eden Rd 8.4 miles
Haynes Park, 801 W 30th St 8.4 miles
Eastlake Playground, 412 West 30th Street 8.5 miles
Old Court, 8 Croyden Road 8.5 miles
Fairfax Courts, 122-130 Alders Drive 8.6 miles
Brown-Burton Winchester Park, 700-898 E 26th St 8.7 miles
Phillips Park, 101 B St 8.7 miles
Pierre S. Dupont Elementary, 601 W Thirtyfourth St 8.7 miles
Battery Park, Battery Park 8.8 miles
Dickey Park Courts, 100 Thorn Ln 9 miles
Kingswood Community Center 9 miles
Barksdale Park, 1100 Barksdale Rd 9.2 miles
Springer, Springer Middle School 9.2 miles
Shipley Heights, 1304 Shipley Road 9.8 miles
Talley Day Park, 815 Wilson Road 9.9 miles
Bonsall Park Courts, 3000 Silverside Road 10 miles

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