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Basketball Courts near West Hills, AZ

Name Distance Rating
Apache Park Outdoor Courts, 8631 W John Cabot Rd 2.8 miles
Deer Village Park, 21217 North 88th Lane 2.8 miles
Utopia Park, 7150-7158 W Utopia Rd 4.8 miles
Braewood Park, 10950 N 87th Ave 5.3 miles
Sweetwater Basketball Courts, 7460 W Sweetwater Ave 5.6 miles
Dos Lagos Park Outdoor Court, N 63rd Ave 6.1 miles
Desert Rose Park, N 63rd Ave 6.2 miles
Surprise Lake, W Tierra Buena Ln 6.5 miles
Murphy Park Courts, N 73rd Ave 6.9 miles
Desert Valley Park, 12901 N 63rd Ave 7.2 miles
Tierra Buena Park, W Marconi Ave 7.3 miles
Carmel Park, Carmel Park 7.6 miles
Cortez Sunnyside Park, N 62nd Ave 7.6 miles
Sunnyslope Park, N 71st Ave 7.6 miles
Carden Traditional School of Surprise, 15688 W Acoma Rd 8.2 miles
Sunset Palms Park Street Court, N 54th Ave 8.3 miles
Cholla Park Court, N 53rd Ave 8.7 miles
Sunburst Paradise Park, 16225 N 47th Ave 8.7 miles
Heritage Park Outdoor Court, N 54th Ave 9.1 miles
Ring Of Death, 11435 N 49th Dr 9.2 miles
Discovery Park Court, 7979 W Citrus Way 9.3 miles
Heroes Regional Park, NB 83RD Ave FS Berridge Ln 9.3 miles
Butler Park Outdoor Courts, 8530 N 55th Ave 9.5 miles
Deem Hills Recreation Area, West Deem Hills Parkway 9.5 miles
Luke Fitness Center, 13956-13978 W Phantom St 9.6 miles
Surprise Community Park, 16890-16908 West Cottonwood Street 9.7 miles
Asante Community Park, 23251 North 166th Drive 9.8 miles
Coyote Ridge, 7677 W Bethany Home Rd 9.9 miles
Glendale High School, 6216 W Myrtle Ave 9.9 miles
Dust Devil Park, 4915 North 107th Avenue 10 miles

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